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PiercingMetal Launches An Official YouTube Channel

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Hello readers of the PiercingMetal Reviews and Reports. I am here to share something a little different and not too long after our third anniversary as a website as well. Based on the structure of templates that are used for these website posts and how they are accessed in the database, it’s not as easy to do something outside the usual box but this little bit of news is to share that I have created an Official YouTube Channel for – I don’t know what I will do with this just yet but it is there to be subscribed to and maybe we can share some ideas in the Forums on what I should be recording and placing on this channel. My Channel description is below. Sounds pretty good right?

“Welcome to the Official YouTube Channel for the website “Where Heavy Music and Pop Culture Collide”. Online since 2005, it features reviews of music, videos, conventions, concerts, comic books, toys and special events. The constant goal is to entertain and inspire you to look deeper into the topics being addressed. We ask that you kindly click the “Subscribe” button and comment or like the clips that are already posted while we continue to showcase the new stuff. Our relevant socials are linked just below so come on over”.

I don’t have any means of recording video just yet so another thing to consider. Speaking of things to consider, maybe I will modify our menu to where “News” Goes and do more updates like this because it lets me feel like I am talking to those who are visiting the site a little more but I digress. So the Channel lives and is waiting for you to sign on up and help me determine what to do with it. I thank you for your interest in advance.

Official Channel Link:

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