PiercingMetal Is Eight Years Old Today (4/4/2013)

Whew. Is it here already? Well I guess that it is my friends because today was the day eight years ago that I unleashed PiercingMetal.com onto the general Metal populace of the realm and what an exciting time it has been so far. I’ll have to admit that I’ve started off my music scribe year by doing mostly blog postings based on the amount of “different stuff” for me to get into your line of site but not to worry I will be returning to conventional review practices in the coming weeks to sate that side of your musical hunger. New readers might wonder what we are up to and with the blogs, regional event calendar updates en masse and now the regular calling in to The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show, I’ve been a bit consumed and holding back from traditional review. Stay tuned though because I have a few dozen surprises to get to you as I mentioned. Now let’s enjoy some visuals of eight. Since its a birthday in some sense, a candle was very appropriate.


As I wandered a local shop, I noticed that all of the cards for eight year olds were gone, and I imagine that they were snatched up by the Metal Republic in honor of our three more past five year milestone. Honestly, you shouldn’t have. No applause please as a famous comedian once said “Just throw money”…..Thanks to those who have already sent over wishes of congrats.


Our stalwart comrade in arms, Joe Kaufman indulged me in some clever messing with images I snagged in order to deliver more visuals of eight that needed a little enhancement in order for me to use them best. I must admit that this year was not easy so I almost fear what will happen for our ninth. Maybe it will be easier, who knows until that time rolls around.


The reason behind more blogs than conventional review copy this first 1/4 was based on all the wonderful contests from our providers. As someone who loves the live scene and all the shows that it offers up I had you the Metal fan in mind and was aiming at getting more and more exciting shows into your hands. Since lightly starting the giveaways in 2010, we have now given away over 600 tickets via our original Social Networking process and the Official PiercingMetal Blog. There are more to come believe me and I know you will love it all. If you are just now learning of such a practice, do key into this Category Link on the Blog = PiercingMetal Contests


I’m keeping this a brief one but do wish to thank any and all who are interested in the PiercingMetal brand identity and especially those who have been with it from the beginning. This is the brands first official year as being a trademarked entity and I have to tell you that I am psyched about having this in effect as it leaves more creative room and ability going forward. Considering how the Smartphone world now helps one dominate the Social Nets, I am maintaining the top three as my focus for what gets posted on the core site, the blog and the rest. If you don’t already participate on any of them, please give us a Like on Facebook, a Follow on Twitter and a also Instagram. We also don’t mind if you share any of those accounts with friends to help in the raising of the bar.

The Most Perfect "8" I Found
The Most Perfect “8” I Found

Now back to the task at hand….there is ALWAYS a lot to do. As it stands we’ve racked up over 3000 pieces of searchable content in the core site, over 1100 blog posts and a whopping 40K plus of photos from live concerts and special events. Whew. I’m hoping to get to 3500 in terms of the content and as close to 1200 blogs by the year end. The other initiative is a morph of the traditional site into a WordPress base. This is another activity that has been keeping my time occupied but I want to do that part right.  Stay tuned and enjoy everything else we are delivering to your Metal minds.

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