PiercingMetal Goes To Toy Fair 2011: Chapter Six

Hey there readers are you still with me? Well that is good to hear because I did have a little bit more to share with you from the 2011 Toy Fair and as you can probably tell as we introduce our sixth chapter, there was just too much to discuss about it to give you one single endless piece. Continuing on I ask that you please sit back and enjoy the visuals.

While I did not make a physical note of it, some of the booths in Toy Fair were actually stores like a B&H Photo where they sell numerous items for the collecting public. Here are a couple of displays that we liked the most. Some Ultimate Spider-Man action figures. There’s a Green Goblin and Venom in the batch also.

Ultimate Spider-Man Figures

If you are a guitar player, you might love having one, two or many more of these miniature classic axes.

Miniature Guitars and Amps

I slipped back over to “Elf Magic” to get a better visual of their booth.

Elf Magic Holiday Awesomeness

Of course it was never a bad idea to put one’s business card in the hands of Santa himself.

Santa Claus at the Elf Magic Booth

Growing up I used to love collecting gemstones or uniquely shaped rocks so I liked seeing this chance to “Fill A Pouch” with treasures of this kind.

Fill A Pouch Treasures

Here’s a giant dinosaur…

And his little brother…..

This caught my attention for some reason 🙂 – Presenting the wares of Schoenhut Toy Pianos. Yes, they also make drums and no, I did not jump on this kit and disturb the people around me.

Schoenhut Drums

And of course their wonderful presentation of the pianos. There was also this charming young lass testing it out. She was really good. It’s great to see an emphasis on musical instruments at an event like this. More children need to be encouraged along those lines.

Schoenhut Pianos

This is the World’s Largest Puzzle. It was quite huge and in case you cannot read the photo notations in the circle, this puzzle was 17′ by 6′ feet and had around 32,256 pieces to it. The artwork is from Keith Haring.

The World's Largest Puzzle

Next up on the adventure, the finely crafted items from Hape Toys. Their toys are reported to be manufactured from sustainable and Eco-Friendly materials.

The Hape Signage

This boat was made by Hape Toys.

A Hape Toys Boat

And this same boat and an airplane also by Hape.

Hape Toys Boat and Plane

This friendly kitty was greeting people outside the International Playthings LLC area. They feature the “toys that make a difference” but since Peter and I were not Buyers we could not get past the door to see what was coming up. There was a lot of this going on and I can appreciate why.

International Playthings Greeter Kitty

The signage for International Playthings LLC

You know you love dinosaurs. Check out these cool plush ones.

Plush Dinos

Here’s the display for Princess Soft Toys, they had some truly nice things.

Princess Soft Toys Booth

This was super involved and really caught my attention. Its a game by Techno Gears and its called “Marble Mania Genius”. It appears to be very involved and while I didn’t get a demonstration of it today, I felt it might be a lot of fun to tinker around with.

marble mania genius

Here’s the box. Over 500 pieces to this thing so be careful when putting it away.

Marble Mania Genius Packaging

This next area had some older games, now deemed as classics to check out. For instance the game Bed Bugs hails from a time when the Metropolis was not as up in arms about the real thing. The game now comes care of Patch and your mission is to remove the frantically active bed bugs from the mattress (shudder)

Bed Bugs Game

Here’s the companies “Incredible Talking Teeth”. I always wanted one of these. Especially for when I dressed up as The Joker so many years ago for Halloween.

Patch's "Incredible Talking Teeth"

Last but not least, here is “Shark Attack”.

"Shark Attack" by Patch

This game was called “Pizza Mania” and its designed to teach the young at heart some math.

Pizza Mania Early Math Game

Here is the game itself and the various pieces. I cannot think of a better way to learn math than by blending it with the fine idea of pizza.

Pizza Mania Early Math Game Pieces

If you play Chess, then you might want to check out the stuff from Wood Expressions. Look at the high quality game boards and playing pieces they offer up.

Wood Expressions Signage

The Wood Expressions Display Case

Massive Wood Expressions Display

And a single Chess Board by Wood Expressions.

Wood Expressions Chess Board & Pieces

Next thing I happened upon was the display by Bachmann and they are a train company. I am sure most of you adults from a different generation remember having a train set. These days I am not too sure about the items popularity among kids but there is a massive market in the older collector’s and I like that for sure. Train sets rule. I just wish I had room for one.

Thomas The Tank Engine by Bachmann

There were a couple of setups that featured Thomas The Tank Engine. This is much different from the stuff we saw earlier in the blogs and they move on the power of electricity.

Thomas The Tank Engine by Bachmann - Photo 2
Bachmann Trains
Even More Bachmann Trains

We also chanced upon a cool party game that was called “Party Gras”. It was a card game that seemed like it would be fun at one of those gatherings at the house.

Party Gras Game

Check out this stuff by Elope. They make novelty hats and glasses and as you can see by the display offer up some neato Dr. Seuss stuff.

Elope Display

OK, so we know how both “Thor” and “Captain America” are going to be the hit Superhero movies that are coming out this year. Well, based on the clips and images that I have seen I am HOPING that they are hits because they lead us right into “The Avengers” and that one gives me goosebumps already. This vendor had a bunch of hero busts and miniature statues that showcased the super team.

Hero Busts and Avengers Statues

Here’s a slightly closer look at The Avengers statues. As you can see there is a letter beneath each of them that spells out the name of the team. From left to right we have Captain America, Iron Man, The Vision, Hawkeye, The Hulk, Giant-Man, Loki and Thor. Apparently the movie features many of these characters which will be cool.

Statuettes of The Mighty Avengers

Here’s another angle on the same visual since I liked these so much and wanted to also show you that statues of Doctor Doom, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man and Venom were positioned behind them.

Don’t mind me for repeating a thought every now and then because I do that. This next photo was the giant Glo-Pen for the Glow Crazy product. I wondered where I had stored it in my digital roll of film and here it was 🙂

The Giant Glow-Crazy Pen

This next section managed to keep Skeleton Pete and I busy for quite a while and you will see why. Welcome to Safari Ltd., they are the makers of dinosaur, animal and fantasy related replicas and they are so awesome.

Welcome To Safari Ltd.

Safari Ltd. had numerous displays on hand and each brought their figurines to life in your imagination. Check out the dinosaurs diorama.

Safari Ltd. Dinosaurs

Next up was their display featuring North American Wildlife. You too can bring the Great Outdoors inside your house or garage.

Safari Ltd. "North American Wildlife"

I admit that this diorama had my focus the most. Wander the Mythical Realms with Safari Ltd. Look closley in this photo and you will see a dragon and a minotaur.

Safari Ltd. "Mythical Realms"

A different view of the “Mythical Realms”. I wanted ALL of these. Off to the right in the image you will see a Sea Dragon and a Phoenix in the display but let me get a little closer for you to enjoy more.

Safari Ltd. "Mythical Realms" - Shot 2

Getting a closer look at the Mythical Realms we see from left to right a Cyclops, Medusa, an adult and baby Unicorn along with Poseidon and a Mermaid. I loved how Poseidon was on hands that looked to be made out of water. Very dramatic and yeah like I said a photo or three ago “Me Want”…..

Safari Ltd. "Mythical Realms" - Shot 3

This next diorama was their “Fairy Fantasies” collection.

Safari Ltd. "Fairy Fantasies"

A closer look at a Fairy Tea Party. Note the Elf riding on a snail behind them.

Care For Some Tea?

This caught me by surprise. Our own Commander In Chief, President Barack Obama as a miniature plastic figure. He is obviously prepared to address the Nation in this likeness and set in a very ornate display box.

President Obama by Safari Ltd.

As I am a creature of habit, I just had to go back over to the Myth setting again and get some closer up images for you. This and the dinosaurs were my favorites from the company. OK, and a few of the sea life were also.

Posiedon and Mermaid by Safari Ltd.

The Unicorns and Medusa

Unicorns and Medusa by Safari Ltd.

Sea Dragon

The Sea Dragon by Safari Ltd.

The Minotaur will not take any business from this dragon

The Minotaur and Dragon by Safari Ltd.

If you are a fan of landmarks then Safari Ltd. has replicas of some truly famous monuments. Seen below the Taj Mahal, the Great Pyramids, Eiffel Tower, Acropolis and several more. Great ideas for the office in this particular group.

Safari Ltd. Famous Monuments

Here is the collection of prehistoric beasts

Safari Ltd. Prehistoric Collection

More creatures from the world millions of years ago.

Safari Ltd. Prehistoric Collection - More

This is the Sealife Collection. You know you want the Whale, or Shark.

Safari Ltd. Sealife Collection

There is a great collection of historical pieces as well. In the setup below we find their Confederate and Union armies at battle.

Safari Ltd. Historical Collections

Okay readers, I am advising that you please take a quick breath and compose yourselves because you are starting to look a little tired to me. I know you want more and I aim to please over here as your entertainment scribe so how about we do this one more time and then call it a day? Sound fair to you? Good because I was going to do that no matter what you answered.

Official Websites:
Toy Industry Association: http://www.toyassociation.org
Elf Magic: http://www.elf-magic.com/
Schoenhut Instruments: http://www.schoenhuttoypianos.com
Hape Toys International: http://www.hape-international.com
International Playthings LLC: http://www.intplay.com/
Princess Soft Toys: http://www.princesstoys.com/
Patch Games: http://www.patchproducts.com/
Bachmann Trains: http://www.bachmanntrains.com/home-usa/
Safari Limited: http://www.safariltd.com/
Elope: http://www.elope.com/

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