PiercingMetal Goes To Toy Fair 2011: Chapter Five

Greetings readers and welcome back to our exclusive and expansive coverage of Toy Fair 2011. You’ve arrived at the fifth chapter of our adventure and as you have seen in the earlier posts, there was a whole lot of amazing things to be observed and discussed. So much that defining it all out in one single post would be cheating you of its grandiose nature. With that being the case let’s get back to the task at hand. I hope we keep on intriguing your playful side.

This first visual is more geared towards the younger person in your life so if you or loved ones have a wee tyke, then these Baby Butterflies might be perfect. There were also these plush characters who accompanied storybooks but I was not able to remember the brand name nor get it in my shot.

Here was a whole booth of kites and the essentials that they need to help the hobby. Really beautiful stuff and perfect for those days in the park in the Spring or Summer. The company is HQ, so truly your headquarters for kites.

HQ Kites

This next batch of images are focused on Thomas the Tank Engine. This is a fictional train and he has a super popular program for the young ones. My friends kids and nephews/nieces are in LOVE with this character and much like Star Wars, the show has a ton of characters to purchase in terms of the license. Here is the main train himself. These come care of Fisher Price toys, a giant in the field for sure.

Fisher Price's Thomas The Tank Engine

This is a clever toy box set for the figures and rails that you can collect. It even has a soft cushion for a child to sit on. I was not too sure if it actually rolled when I took the photo.

Fisher Price's Thomas The Tank Engine Case

Here’s a whole wall display of Thomas the Train and his friends. Lots and lots of characters like I said.

Thomas The Tank Engine Wall Display

This next display caught my attention for sure. Presenting Tree Blocks. They are wooden toys prepared by elves. Or so they said. Really nicely made stuff.

Tree Blocks

Here we find a display of Chuggington, and I guess its safe to say that this is a different set of characters that fall along the same premise as Thomas The Tank Engine. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery they say after all. These characters also seemed very detailed and interesting.

Say hello to Chuggington

If its books you like, Toy Fair had those around as well.

Classicly styled classic Fairie Tales

Remember when coloring was something that was always on your mind? Depending on your level of artistic intent in life then perhaps you are the same way. Anyhow, check out this concept. 3D coloring by Dover. Wild eh?

Dover 3D Coloring

Next up are a few items in the Fascinations line and they looked so authentic that they actually fooled me for a moment. I remember saying aloud “wow, pet jellyfish – is that even possible”. Apparently if you go this route it is. What a clever idea and one that looked awesome under the kind of lighting it had. This would be great for the office don’t you think?

Fascinations Deluxe Jellyfish Aquarium

Here’s the same product but with a different lighting scheme. I am thinking that I lean to the blue one.

Fascinations Deluxe Jellyfish Aquarium - Shot 2

They also had lava lamps that really looked like volcano’s that were erupting. I never owned a lava lamp growing up and now perhaps it is time that I rectify this. Oh yes and I also learned that they were the folks behind the Antworks habitat that was reported on in an earlier chapter. I apologize for my oversight in this.

Fascinations Nature's Fire

Portable plants on key chains and necklaces. Interesting.

Pet Plants

Here are the Rail Master trains.

Rail Master Trains

Check out the Sunny & Company toys. Aren’t these wonderful things?

Stuff from Sunny & Company

More Sunny & Co. As you can see they make marionette puppets among other things. I smiled just looking at them

A little more Sunny & Co.

And one more for good measure.

A Closing Photo of Sunny & Company

So I know that I put a couple of Peter’s photos up from this region in another post but I just wanted to share a few more with you readers because the Hansa displays of their stuffed animals was just so awesome. I literally looked at these things for awhile and almost expected a few of them to move or bite me. You wanted to feed these deer.

Hansa Stuffed Animals

And you wanted to bolt for the highest ground from this polar bear.

Hansa Stuffed Animals

Welcome to our Hansa barnyard jamboree.

Hansa Stuffed Animals

Now this next thing I just loved. Please meet Barkly the bank. You put the coins in the food dish and he scarfs them up. So cute. I am also all about things that promote saving a little money since the young ones need to learn about that kind of thing in this day and age.

Barkly The Bank

Next up we found a booth with Spark Dogz and there were a couple of different choices to choose from. One of them was a superhero and the other a “rocker”. The appeal of Spark Dogz is that they are voice-activated and will answer your direct inquiry if it falls into the question “they know”. I loved this to be quite honest. It was cute, clever and contemporary in some sense. Here’s my favorite of the three that they had.

Super Spark Dogz

Here is both “Rock and Roll” Spark Dogz and “Super Spark”. They also had a “Hip Hop” version for the buyer but I would be lying if I said I had any interest in that one at all. Sorry gang. I’m pretty done with the whole “Yeah Boyeee” kind of attitude in today’s world.

"Rock & Roll" and "Super Spark" Spark Dogz

A different angle of “Super Spark”

Super Spark Dogz

A closer up view of the “Rock & Roll” Spark Dogz. By the way this one spoke in a British accent. Very Bill Idol if you asked me. I didn’t mind.

"Rock & Roll" Spark Dogz

Here’s the company’s lovely publicity coordinator who was there to assist and explain the product to us. It was a pleasure meeting her and learning about Spark Dogz today.

"Spark Dogz" Publicist, Sorry "Rock & Roll" is not doing interviews today

Here’s a cool T-Rex….

Here we found a wonderful Noah’s Ark loaded with stuffed animals. Of course I did not see two of each of them, so technically this is an incorrect display but I am sure it was to just get the point across.

Noah's Ark of Stuffed Cuteness

Feel like making a mess? Well I have just the suggestion for you. This was the display for the Soda Geyser Car which comes care of Steve Spangler Science and this was a soda and Mentos candy operated bit of fun. You’ve likely heard that Mentos when combined with a carbonated beverage will explode a geyser of liquid into the air right? Well, if you have not – it does. The photo below shows the company’s spokesvictim in a sealed booth and he has just dropped some candies into a bottle of Coke. It was a mess but I told you that it would be.

Steve Spangler Soda Geyser

Here’s the package for the car that operates on the same principle.

Soda Geyser Car Package

Below we see a just launched Soda Geyser Car. As you can see the soda goes everywhere so this is something that you folks want to try outside. Preferably in a vacant lot or driveway on a not too busy street to prevent the toy from being destroyed in traffic.

The Soda Geyser Car Launches

The instruments take over with this display of some aimed at young adult drums, guitar and microphone.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were there wandering around but we could not manage to get them all in a single shot as they appeared to be in a hurry. Very likely getting over to the next mission or just to the bathroom.

The Mighty Moving Along Power Rangers

This is the table for the Be Amazing Toys company. They had a lot of different experiment kind of things that were in a simple word – amazing. I love when science is used for fun. There was really too much cool things to observe here so be sure to check out their web link below. Toys and games that inspire the imagination.

Be Amazing Toys

Remember those collectible erasers from Japan and Iwako that I showcased a little earlier in the presentation? Well here is a rack display of them for good measure.

Iwako Display

And my shot of the Iwako cuteness. Pete did a similar shot for the earlier post, and this is my shot.

Iwako Erasers and Landscape

Well that brings us to the end of our fifth chapter. Don’t worry, I do have a little more to present to you but just felt like this was a good place to stop in this particular segment. Keep the dial set for Toy Fair 2011 indulgence and I will be back on the morrow with some more of the story. As always you can find out some more information about these products by clicking the provided links below.

Official Websites:
Toy Industry Association: http://www.toyassociation.org
Fisher Price (Thomas The Tank Engine): http://www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?st=10&e=thomas
Tree Blocks: http://treeblocks.com/
Chuggington: http://www.chuggington.com/
Fascinations (Jelly Fish): http://www.fascinations.com/unique-toys-gifts/deluxe-jelly-fish-aquarium
Hansa Stuffed Animals: https://hansatoystore.com/
Spark Dogz: http://sparkdogz.com/
Steve Spangler Science (Soda Geyser Car): http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/
Be Amazing Toys: https://www.beamazing.com/default.aspx?
Iwako Erasers: http://erasermuseum.com/

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