PiercingMetal Goes To The Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show (4/7/2013)

Spring has sprung, or shall I say that “Spring Has Strummed” considering that we were not only celebrating the new season but also the twice annual Brooklyn Guitar Show at the amazing Brooklyn Bowl was taking place right here in Brooklyn. Yes I realize that you knew this considering the borough is mentioned in each specific reference but you have to indulge my prose every now and again. Check out the super cool poster, I am loving these artistic works and feel I should be collecting them.

Poster - Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show - 2013

This time around I did not manage to take as many photos as I did the last couple of times and that was based on my arriving late and not staying as long. I had been away the few days before and made this stop on my way home. The show while incredibly interesting to participate in would be the tail end for me after rocking and rolling for pretty much five days straight. I was exhausted but did want to make an appearance to support our friends Lisa Sharken and D.J. Uncle Mike who have always welcomed PiercingMetal.com at the event. It’s free of course but you know what I mean.  Let’s start off with a photo Joe Kaufman and Mark Edwards with me as we caught up at the bar.

brooklynguitarshow_040713_01Here’s buddy Joe Kaufman with John “The Cat” Gatto from The Good Rats.




brooklynguitarshow_040713_05The Strumming Monkey and The Cigar Box Dudes Meet


brooklynguitarshow_040713_07LaBella Strings own Lorenza


brooklynguitarshow_040713_09Mr. Chihoe Han




Sorry for blasting through this one so quickly, but as I said it was time to rest for me and I will promise to deliver a lot more when the show returns to this space in September for the Fall Event.

Official Links:
Brooklyn Guitar Show: http://www.facebook.com/brooklynguitarshow

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