PiercingMetal Goes To Paul Stanley’s “Face The Music” Signing (4/7/2014)

Hey my fiends, so Paul Stanley was signing copies of his brand new Harper One biography “Face The Music: A Life Exposed” last night at the Barnes & Noble down on Warren Street in Downtown Manhattan and with my being the KISS fan that I am, I just had to set some time aside to head down there to be a part of the assembled KISS Army. Check out the cover of the book below.

The sign at the store told those planning on attending and the passerby about the event this evening and as you can see Paul was NOT going to be signing anything other than the book. Sometimes fans show up with tons of memorabilia which slows the process down quite a bit.


For the signing you had to purchase the book in advance from this location which made sense but kind of sucked that you could not advance order and pick it up here as that process would have gotten you the book for about $20 as opposed to the full price of $29.95 plus tax. When I inquired about their potentially running out of the books they said not to worry as they always had plenty on hand. This was likely based on it being a Manhattan store.



Your proof of purchase was this lovely wristband. At one signing many years ago I got a special laminated purchase pass. I preferred that since its something else to keep. Oh well. I guess that gets pricy to do.


Now it was time to get on line with the already waiting anxiously few hundred fans. When my friend and I first arrived they had just started to let people into the actual store to get in the line queue. I ventured to guess that there were about 200 people ahead of us so if this really started on time it would not be a super long wait. It was a brisk afternoon and was starting to “spit” from the sky. The harder rain apparently began when we had already gotten inside.



I asked my friend to get me a photo holding the book. Trust me I am more excited than I look but I was getting hungry which tends to happen when on these long lines.


Paul arrives and poses for photos for the press people standing in the front. I know, I know you are saying to yourself “but Ken you ARE a press guy so why are you not there” and the answer is simply that I neglected to check if there was going to be an opportunity like this one. My apologies.


The next bunch of shots are just from the experience. Paul signing the books.





At one point Paul got up to see some close friends that had arrived so with a smile to the now very long line he said “Goodnight everybody thanks for coming” to the expected boos and jeers. He was only kidding and got back to work at signing the book and meeting his fans.


Two fans that I see at a number of shows and said I would add their photo to the mix. Kudos on your dedication, it really makes me work harder at the craft.  Thanks for always being so positive when I run into you 🙂


Oh yeah and before I forget, here is the end result of the just about three hour process that we went through this evening. Paul’s signature where they specified he was going to sign, and a special guitar pick that they were handing out as you exited. I guess this was while supplies last and I was happy to snag one since I love that stuff.



Fans can keep up with Paul’s book signing adventures via his official website and other matters relating to KISS via the bands sponsored page. I’ve linked both of them for you below to ease the pains of Google searching.

Official Website: http://www.paulstanley.com
Official Website: http://www.kissonline.com

A link to Amazon.com is below to order Paul’s new book if you cannot make one of the signings and for good measure I decided to add in his solo music releases as well since we KISS fans are super supportive of almost everything our favorite band and its players do.

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