PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2011: Day 4; Part 3

Perhaps I should sound the trumpets because we have arrived at the final chapter installment of my comprehensive NY Comic Con 2011 coverage. I tried to get a LOT of photos for your perusal this time around as I know you like that kind of thing but I had to admit that even I didn’t think that I would end up with twelve different blog postings about it when it was all finished. So without any further adieu let’s get this party started.

Starting off we have the puppets that were for sale in the Puppet Heap booth. They were doing shows across the duration of the Con and I had to say that I enjoyed them when I happened to see them. Cute and simple stuff. Sometimes that works best.

Puppet Heap

Sometimes you see the strangest things at Comic Con and you might recall how I closed up the preceding chapter with an image of “Muffy” who is one of the Vagicons. Well, here is one of her ballsy friends Scrotoculous or something like that. You did catch the “ballsy” joke right? Alright lets continue.

Mister Scroticon

I might have posted a photo of these two lovelies at this same booth but they were so friendly that we did it again.  I should have tried to get them to do the Metal horns, but I really don’t think they followed that kind of stuff so didn’t bother asking.

Charming Booth Babes

Did you ever watch Jerry Springer?  Well if you did you will remember this man as its Steve Wilkos who used to handle the security on the show.  It was nice to see him at the Con but this was one of those appearances that made me feel belonged in the Autograph Alley or at the Chiller Convention which is geared towards celebrity appearances from the television side.

Steve Wilkos at The Con

Here’s C.C. Banana who is apparently dressed as Wolverine for the Con.  We caught up with him at the same booth where the Japanese lovelies were so we snapped a photo of him with them.

C.C. Banana and Friends

These loves were at the Retcon Booth.  Loved that wild colored hair.  Guessing it was a wig.  Right?

RetCon Booth Maidens

Here is a cool Black Widow cosplayer.  She is ready for action.  Watch out.

Black Widow Cosplay

She looks very different this time around but this young lady was dressed up as Muffy in the preceding chapter.  While the costume was cute I kind of think she looks awesome in the civilian garb.

Repping "Vagicons"

 Here’s a quick pop by the Troma Booth.  I didn’t take too many pics of this one sadly and they have such fun things going on.  Next year I promise.

Troma Booth Lovely

A great Cosplay Maid.

Cosplay Maid

There were a lot of “Free Hugs” people around and since we were at the very end of the convention I let them do their thing.  Keep it clean folks, I was just trying to be nice.

Free Hugs Abound

Yesterday one of the reps at the Harlequin booth vowed that she would be in costume the final day.  I decided to check on that promise and well, there you have it.

Check out the Avatar Comics Booth.  Lots of Lady Death books there.  I loved this book when it first came out on Chaos Comics many years ago.

The Avatar Comics Booth

One of the many Image Booth folks.

Image Comics Booth

The guys at Prism Comics were certainly out to make a memorable shot.  Their organization is geared at helping the LGBT community of creators.

Prism Comics Sillyness

One cool cat

The Black Cat

This young lady was repping a booth and it seemed to be a slight political statement but since I was passing by so quickly I did not recall what it was.  Nice garb though.  She looked great.

Here is a great Silver Surfer cosplay

The Silver Surfer

This lovely lass is one of the Johnny Cupcakes advertisement girls, we briefly talked Metal so I snapped a photo of her

Johnny Cupcakes Girl

The Force is with these young Cosplayers

Star Wars Cosplay

A charming maid

Maid in NYC

This is X23, we met a great cosplayer like this last year

X-23 Cosplay

With The Avengers movie coming out next year we can be rest assured that we are going to see a score of action figures coming out as well. This giant display let the fans become their own action figure and have a photo snapped by one of their friends. That is pretty cool.

The Tokidoki Ride

This Cosplayer was terrifying.  I don’t even know what he or she was supposed to be

Monstrous Cosplay

This young lady had the very quirky and politically incorrect “mustache rides” on her person and was sporting a super gigantic mustache. It was at this point that the song “Ride The Stache” by Graveyard BBQ started playing in my head.

Even ancient warriors need to stop for some nosh as we see here.

I was not sure why Red Riding Hood was keeping company with some corporate sponsorship but to each their own. Snapped this shot of these charming four ladies.

Lots of cars around the Con this year.  A little strange to see that but whatever

The Goon Transit

Here is my new friend the lovely Bec from Oz

PiercingMetal Ken and Ms. Bec Fordyce

As we walked back up towards the trains home we saw a Terminator making his way back home as well.  It seemed as though he was having difficulty hailing a cab.


Wow. You made it. I must admit that I am impressed but I am pretty sure that you enjoyed yourself despite how many posts there were to filter through. Thanks very much for the interest in this adventure. It was a blast and one that I really enjoyed presenting to you. With the Comic Con coverage getting the kind of attention I like for the topic you can be rest assured that we will be hitting this event next year and even bringing more comic book related postings to the blog aspect of PiercingMetal.com

Official Websites:
NY Comic Con: http://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/
Avatar Press: http://www.avatarpress.com/
Bec Fordyce: http://becfordyce.blogspot.com/
Puppet Heap: http://www.puppetheap.com/
Steve Wilkos: http://www.stevewilkos.com/
Prism Comics: http://prismcomics.org/
Retcon: http://www.theretcon.com
Troma: http://www.troma.com/
Vagicons: http://vagicons.com/

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