PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2011 (10/13-10/16/2011): Overview

Event: NY Comic Con 2011
Artist: Various Artists
Venue: Jacob Javits Center (New York, NY)
Date: 10/10-10/16/2011
Label: Independent

The NY Comic Con 2011 was being held at the Jacob Javits center over on the West Side Highway this past weekend and the mega-event was going to span four days this year as opposed to the traditional three that we found being the case when we covered it last in 2010. There was too much to share for a typical site article so as we did the last time around this was featured exclusively on the Official Blog for PiercingMetal.com; In addition to that I broke the days up into a number of chapters for easier visual digestion and content absorption so please follow the link below to be brought to the feature. Once you are there the other parts are rather easy to find thanks to the tagging “ny comic con 2011”. This page is to serve you up as a summary of some of the things that I saw and made mental note of. I figured it worked out a little better this way for the core site. This is also a place where you can see the photos but they are uncaptioned. Enjoy.

PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2011: http://www.piercingmetal.com/tag/ny-comic-con-2011/

Day One: Now during the original three days they had I learned that the earlier portion of the first day was generally reserved for press outlets and the professionals so they could wander the floor and get some business done before the myriads of fans swarmed in. This year with the additional day what was done was the press and professionals all came in at the same time as a limited number of four day ticket holders. That was going to up the crowd ante for sure and while I understand it’s good for the overall business, it did at times make the media pitches a little harder to do. This is the first go round for four days so I guess in time it will smooth out. Today I was also running around with my colleague Skeleton Pete and while we each ventured off into other areas at times to get our own focus in play we did wander together a good amount of the time. After the convention was over, we ended up being treated to a free concert by Tom Morello who many fans know from both Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave. That was surely a fun experience.

Day Two: For Day Two one of my main missions would be to explore the Anime Festival which would be upstairs this time around. Last year it was down on a lower level but based on the conventions expansion and growth it would be secured in its own corridor and meeting space on a higher level. I browsed some of the booths and met some very interesting artists. Man that stuff is awesome but I am so far out of the loop on it all. The fans of this medium sure had a lot to absorb if they attended the con. I did try to listen to some of a seminar going on and they were trying to gauge the speed of a weapon or starship in one of the popular Manga shows and it was like a foreign language to me. Give me superhero stuff from Marvel, DC and their contemporaries any day since at least I can follow that.

Day Three: With Day Three I had to say that I was a little bit of everywhere. I went down to the Autograph Alley section which was way down on the end of the Convention Center. To reach this part you walk through a long hallway and you feel as though its forever. Needless to say there is some cool stuff down there so you want to check it out. The thing about the autographs though is that you are not able to snag any photos of the celebrities without paying their fee. Even for press people which kind of sucks since that is what I am here to do. Report on the appearances and the like but I do understand that they need to stick to protocol. I also ran between the conventional booths and the Artist Alley this time around as well. One does need to give necessary love to the people that gave us comics in the first place right? This is a Comic Conventional after all. As this was Saturday’s session this is also the most chaotic as it seems the world has converged upon the Javits Center. If you like being in a single space with tens of thousands of people then this is where you want to be. I didn’t mind it and kept myself moving and focused which is an imperative modus operandi at something like this.

Day Four: The fourth and final day of NY Comic Con was here and this was family day. That meant a lot of little ones running around in the same fashion as the adults and often in costume themselves. I had to admit that I didn’t personally agree with the toddlers in strollers at such an event but perhaps I am just sour that no one brought me to something like this when I was a baby LOL. I used my fourth day time to revisit a number of the folks that I found most interesting to me across the previous days. As I was winding down in levels of energy as if I was Superman with a Kryptonite locket I resigned myself to taking mostly photos of the cool fans that I had engaged during the wanderings and allowed me to photograph their awesome Cosplay.

Whew. That was surely a lot to do but then again it usually is. This year found me offering up more chapters than I ever expected in the blog with a whopping fourteen different narratives to enjoy. If you braved them all then I have some invisible gold stars to send you for your dedication and interest. Oh and before I forget, this year we also caught sight of a great number of Metal tee shirts. The list I compiled found a lot of the usual players in Black Sabbath, Metallica, KISS and Iron Maiden but there were also some nice surprises like Carcass, Behemoth and Amon Amarth. Perhaps next year I will dedicate a blog posting to those people and give them a quick moment in the sun. Let’s see what happens in terms of time.

See you in 2012.

Official Web Site: www.newyorkcomiccon.com
Official Web Site: www.marvel.com
Official Web Site: www.dccomics.com
Official Web Site: www.darkhorsecomics.com
Official Web Site: www.everythingevilink.com
Official Web Site: www.imagecomics.com

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