PiercingMetal’s Contests Reach 1000 Tickets!!!


I just wanted to take a moment of your time and let our readers know that the PiercingMetal Contests have reached a bit of a milestone of their own and can proudly share that we have given away over 1000 tickets since beginning to do so in the summer of 2009. I’ve actually been meaning to share this but of information with you all for a few weeks but there was more important writing and photos to get online first before getting to this one. As result of the delay I should have simply cited that I had doled out “1100” tickets but oh well.

Number - 1000

To my knowledge the very first contest that PiercingMetal ever ran was for the Deicide show that B.B. King Blues Club held in the summer of 2009. A few other gives would come sporadically after this one over the next couple of years but they were not really a focus of the site when it all came down to it. It was not until the summer of 2012 that the contests became larger for our audience and since it seemed helpful at the time, they were all done exclusively on the Official Facebook Page for PiercingMetal.com. I felt that if you liked our page that you deserved a nice treat every once in awhile but when one of the numerous changes that Facebook instituted found people who did not like the page snagging tickets from those who actively enjoyed our presentation they were moved over to where you see them now on the Official Blog for PiercingMetal.com which is also lovingly referred to as “PiercingMetal Musings”. The change allowed for a greater focus and historical aspect to the contests and more ease on the providers who could research our combined efforts. Take a look at who I’ve given tickets away for over this relatively short span of time.

Historical List Of Bands: 10 Years, 70’s Tribute Fest, Acacia Strain, Adrenaline Mob, Alesana, Amaranthe, Amon Amarth, Anaka & Panzie, Animals As Leaders, Anvil, Appice Brothers, Arkona, As The Palaces Burn Film, August Infinity, Beatallica, Big Faux Four, Blazy Bayley, Bound By Substance, Bret Michaels, Bring Me The Horizon Party, Cactus, Charetta, Cherie Currie, Children Of Bodom, Chimaira, Threat Signal, Combichrist, Crashdiet, Cro-Mags, Dance Gavin Dance, Dark Tranquillity, Dead Kennedy’s, Death To All, Deicide, Destruction, Diamondhead, Doro Pesch, Dying Fetus, Emilie Autumn, Epica, Evans Blue, Eye Empire, Fear Factory, Fight Or Flight, Finntroll, For Today, Fozzy, Glam Rock Tribute, Helloween, Hindenburg (Zep Trib), Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock, Hurtsmile, Il Nino, In This Moment, Into The Void (Sabbath Trib), Otherwise, Kamelot, Katatonia, Killcode, Killing Joke, King’s X, KISSNation, Kittie, Korpiklaani, Dirty Pearls, Living Colour, Loudness, Mahavatar, Marduk, Moonspell, Michael Schenker Group, Miss May I, Morbid Angel, Motionless In White, Nazareth, Newsted, Nile, Nonpoint, Obituary, Otep, Ozric Tentacles, Paganfest America, Phil Anselmo & Illegals, Portnoy Sheehan Macalpine Sherinian, Primal Fear, Protest The Hero, Queensryche w Geoff Tate, Quiet Riot, Radio Moscow, Rhapsody Of Fire, Rik Emmett, Riot, Robin Zander, Rubix Kube, Saigon Kick, Sanctuary, Schism, Scott Ian, Scott Stapp, Scott Weiland, Scream It Like You Mean It, Sebastian Bach, Septic Flesh, Sevendust, Soft Parade (Doors Trib), Soilwork, Sonata Arctica, Soulfly, Sponge, Static X, Stryper, Suicide Silence, Summer Slaughter Tour, Texas Hippie Coalition, The Birthday Massacre, The Church, The Machine, The Misfits, The Nerds, Tom Kiefer, Turisas/Firewind, UDO, Uli Jon Roth, Unchained (Van Halen Trib), Uriah Heep, Vanilla Fudge, Veil Of Maya, Volbeat, HIM, Watain, Watkins Glen Revisited, Wednesday 13, Who Tribute, Winger, Wintersun, Y&T, Yngwie Malmsteen and ZO2.

The 1000 Ticket Milestone was attained after holding just over 150 Contests for those great bands and using PiercingMetal’s Blog has allowed me to come up with some creative ways to make you think about the Metal scene and the genre we love so much. I am not sorry for making you work a little harder sometimes because the resulting submissions are so awesome to read on so many occasions. You can peruse the past contests and see what I mean by clicking THIS TAG; There is some good reading in there and it shows that I do often make you wear the thinking cap 🙂 Of course, I could not have done any of this stuff without our wonderful world of providers so innumerable thanks to the teams over at Blue Note Entertainment Group, AEG Presents, Livenation, Excess DB Entertainment and CEG Presents – Your faith in the PiercingMetal brand is appreciated. I also want to thank the Metal Legions who have offered up their submissions to these contests because you are the reason they are done in the first place. I’ll keep doing them whenever the means allow for them to be done so keep watching the Facebook Page or even better the Official Twitter so you are aware when they pop up.

Feel free to let me know what some of your favorite show contests have been over the years and especially if you won anything. I’m also interested in learning what other types of events you have the most interest in going forward so let me know in the comments here as I have left them open for you to chime in. Thanks for listening now back to the creative process.

27 thoughts on “PiercingMetal’s Contests Reach 1000 Tickets!!!”

  1. I’ve won a few of your contests and always appreciate it. I think my favorite might have been Volbeat in Williamsburg Park, but it’s hard to choose.

  2. Epica, Fear Factory, Soilwork and Watain are the last few I remember from you and they were pretty awesome but holy shit! When I saw Ozric Tentacles on your list I was wondering where was I? I would’ve loved to see them! Also I didn’t know anybody that was into them.

  3. Hi Kenny,

    Won free tickets to the recent Winger show. Great night of music and I always have a great time at Stage 48

  4. Your contests rule! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some pretty kick ass shows and had a great time as well as getting turned on to some bands I didn’t know that much about before the show.
    I had a great time at the Misfits, Dark Tranquility, Bret. Michaels, and even got to see Scott Ian doing spoken word. Thanks so much 🙂

  5. I won tickets to the Sweet Fix and Sebastian Bach show at BB King’s. It was awesome because I got to see my friend’s band open for Baz and hangout with you. It’s awesome that you give out Paganfest tickets and I hope to win them next year. I don’t know what I’d do without your concert calendar BTW!! Stay awesome and always keep it metal m/

  6. Thank you for running these contests. It’s great to have someone like you out there promoting the metal scene and promoting these shows. Eddie Trunk doesn’t promote shows like this since he sticks to mostly the mainstream and older hard rock/metal bands.

  7. PiercingMetal contests are extremely fun because in most cases you have to put your critical thinking cap on and get creative with your individual contest entry which I love. I have seen a bunch of shows thanks to these contests that I may have otherwise not gone to. Y&T at Stage 48 sticks out among my favorites as they played such a huge set that night including some favorites of mine and I got a Phil memorial guitar pick from John that night. Other shows that stand out for me are Primal Fear, Sebastian Bach, Amaranthe and Sonata Arctica. Great job Piercing Metal, keep bringing metal to the masses.

  8. Don’t remember all the shows I’ve won from PiercingMetal but the recent ones being Amaranthe, Deicide, and Paganfest were all awesome. Nornally I like to be up front for shows like the recent Paganfest but wasn’t totally able to cause I was was running late. But believe or not ive the most fun I’ve had in while. I had a few drinks at the bar in between sets with my friends and folk pitted for the first time in years. And while I’m still a lil sore from the falling in the pit and getting banged around I probably would of not have gone to this show if it wasn’t Ken and PiercingMetal. Cant wait to see what else Ken has in store for the rest of 2014 and beyond. m/

  9. Another candle in the PiercingMetal cake! I have enjoyed a lot of GREAT shows and some with the help of winning a ticket every now and then to my favorite Artists/Bands Shows thru PiercingMetal like WINGER, STRYPER, LOUDNESS and VANILLA FUDGE. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  10. Congrats, PiercingMetal!!! That is an awesome feat!!!
    I never win anything, but thanks to you, I’ve seen some awesome shows. Keep these contests going!!!

  11. I usually don’t enter your contests as I’m obsessive and buy my own tickets as soon they go on sale. However, you never fail to offer tickets to some of the best shows in town. Your generosity helps you stand out as a great part of the metal scene in NYC, and it’s much appreciated by the fans.

  12. This is more of a testament to you and how important you have become in the NYC hard rock and metal scene. Various promoters know that you getting the word out
    about a concert via a contest will spread the news and then perhaps spur additional ticket sales if someone missed out. You’ve come along way these past 10 years. Congrats.

  13. CONGRATS PIERCING METAL. I usually buy tickets for shows but if you want to attend a great show Piercing Metal ticket giveaways are the way to go. As a band manager ticket giveaways help people to see great bands as well as check out newer up coming bands. Plus the contest you have to work for to show why you want to the show. It makes it more fun cause you cant just say Im broke. You need to think and come up with a great answer. Best contest I saw was for Nile tickets. Fans had to cone up with Nile song titles cause the band has some crazy song titles. The song titles people came up with were great it showed they wanted these tickets plus it was a fun way to win. Piercing Metal has always been a big supporter of metal and ticket giveaways help the scene stay strong.

  14. Congrats PiercingMetal and Ken Pierce!.. A great feat by a great site. I have won tickets thru the site and got to see some amazing shows..Thanks for keeping live Rock and Metals going Ken.

  15. Congratulations on the milestone. I have won tickets to see Y&T and Rik Emmett at 2 different venues. It is nice to see venues and other providers working with PiercingMetal and promoting rock/metal shows. I’ve enjoyed meeting other contest winners at these shows and discussing music and the music scene in general.

    I’ve enjoyed the contests where you have to put more effort into your response. I like that you have to state why you want to see the band. To me people who win those contests have an interest in the band and are not taking tickets just to see a free show. I would like to see those types of contests continue and hopefully more venues will get involved in what PiercingMetal is doing to keep the music scene going. Ken, thank you for all of your efforts and for starting this site. May you have many more years of contests and future success.

  16. Congratulations! I too have won tickets through your website. You have the best contests and I love reading the reviews afterwards. Making us “work” for the tickets is fun and separates the people who have an interest in the band vs people who just want something for free.

    You have your finger on the pulse of metal and I have discovered some new bands (and venues) because of your site. I also like your Concert Calendar. Keep up the great work!

  17. My friends and I were thrilled to have won tickets to A show. Thanks for also keeping us informed of all the shows pre and post. Keep the good stuff coming.

  18. With a mortgage, three kids and all that a family entails, disposable income for concert tickets can be hard to come by. These contests have allowed me to go to shows that I otherwise may not have been able to attend. Thanks to Ken’s site and all of the labels, bands and PR people who continue to make it happen.

  19. Over the past few years Ken and Piercing Metal have been an instrumental force in the local metal scene not only tirelessly promoting via the interweba but also pounding the pavement frequenting local shows as well as international headliners. The effect piercing metal has had on me and my fellow bands from the tri-state area has been immensely helpful among the insurmountable odds that are stacked against us in this industry. I personally have won a handful of tickets to show I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford without Ken’s and piercing metals contests and for that I’m super grateful..

  20. Congratulations & Thank you Ken for all your attributes to our heavy metal community, always keeping us updated with the latest metal news, reviews and upcoming events. There is no sources other than Piercing Metal that features the best creatively fun contests! You have brought so many of us dedicated fans together with our favorite bands. Keep up the great success and many more metal years ahead to celebrate \m/

  21. you’re the man Ken!
    I’ve won two contest tix in the last year. First time I met ya was pre-Sanctuary, and it’s been a pleasure since.
    Having seen so many shows, I forget one of the contests, but Deicide was one that you were kind enough to tell me I won. It was the “death metal supergroup”contest. A hell of a show that was, and hanging out with Glen Benton for about an hour outside before was surreal. Quite the gentleman.
    I’m very much looking forward to Sanctuary in Poughkeepsie, Overkill, Amon Amarth, Deicide, DTA/Obituary, and most of all, King Diamond. Only absolutely devastated that Best Buy Sold Out. I am traveling to PA, MD, and MA to see him, but will try my damndest to see the nyc show. See ya soon Metal Brother!

  22. Congrats! I’ve won a few tickets and every single one was worth it this is such great site and definitely a staple in the Metal community!

  23. I actually won and was unable to attend after the fact which really sucked. But it was still awesome to win something for once.

  24. Thanks Ken for flying the flag for rock and metal and bringing it to the masses. I wish you many more tickets giveaways!

  25. I have won a fair amount of tickets from the site. (Thanks Piercing Ken.) Many were old school bands that I may have missed if I had not seen the show on the site in the first place and a few were new to me. The great part, besides free, is seeing new people and keeping abreast of the metal scene. Keep up the great work!!

  26. Won a ticket to see Doro Pesch live on a few occasions, who always puts on a good show. This site is one of the best metal sites on the web, not just for the contests but all of its content. Thank you PiercingMetal!

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