PiercingKen’s Glimpse Inside Harley-Davidson Of NYC (12/13/2013)

Several days ago I was invited to be one of the attending press at an called “Black Tie, Black Leather” at the Harley-Davidson of NYC showroom where a whole crop of new machines were being unveiled along with numerous other cool motorcycles and accessories. As this was more of a lifestyle happening, I decided to put all of the reporting over on the PiercingKen.com site since its purpose is to showcase all of the things outside of my Metal world to my readers. Get your motor running over to that post by clicking the showrooms logo below as it will be transport you to that event coverage.

Logo - Harley Davidson of NYC

Oh yeah and in case you wondered why you cannot comment on this signpost, it’s because I have disabled the means to do so on this particular post. Those who might be interested in offering up their topical thoughts to the narratives can do so on the other website under either post they wish.  Our musical year of 2013 is heading towards its end and all I have left on my to do list is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra which is always exciting for me.  See you next time.

Official Website: http://www.nycharleydavidson.com/

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