PiercingKen Gets “Hotter Than Hell” @ 4th Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo (4/24/2016)

It was just a few short days ago that I documented one of the latest adventures on my Lifestyle Blog “The Chronicles Of PiercingKen” as I was once again in attendance at the awesome NYC Hot Sauce Expo which is presented by High River Sauces and Heartbreaking Dawns. While the first three events were showcased right here for your enjoyment, the time has come for that sort of event to live on the Lifestyle Blog and that makes this narrative serve you as a quick notice and traffic sign to the content. I’ve been using The Chronicles for a LOT of awesome NYC happenings since the 3rd Expo and since I love talking about food over there the transfer is a good one. Clicking the Official Poster down below will bring you over to the content and I hope that you enjoy it enough to maybe join me at a future expo.

Now since we are a Metal Media website, I had to share the news that we ran into a couple of friends of ours at the event because not only are they rockers to the 11th degree, but they also have their own brand of hot sauce that will set your palate on fire. Chris is a part of the High River Sauces family and here we see him holding his award winning hot sauce “Tears O’ The Sun” along with his brand new solo album “Your Heaven Is Real”. I’ll put some links down at the bottom for you to order each of them on Amazon.com

nyc hot sauce expo, nyc hot sauce expo photos, chris caffery
Chris Caffery @ NYC Hot Sauce Expo

Also, let’s not forget the great Eddie Ojeda of the mighty Twisted Sister. He also has his own blend of liquid heat that I think all of his fans will enjoy. If you go to the expo next year its pretty safe to assume that each of these two gents will be there and I am sure that they wouldn’t mind you bringing any Savatage or Twisted Sister albums that you wanted signed. You might also have to purchase a hot sauce but in my humble opinion that is a winning situation for sure.

nyc hot sauce expo, nyc hot sauce expo photos, eddie ojeda
Eddie Ojeda @ NYC Hot Sauce Expo

Please know that the means of commenting have been turned “OFF” for this traffic sign and instead are most welcome on the individual chapters on the other site. See you over there.

Official Websites:
NYC Hot Sauce Expo: http://www.nychotsauceexpo.com
High River Sauces: http://www.highriversauces.com
Chris Caffery: http://www.chriscaffery.com
Eddie Ojeda: http://www.eddieojeda.com