Piercing Ken’s Coverage Of PDN Photoplus Expo (2015)

Perhaps you’ve seen this kind of post last year when I went to the PDN Photoplus Expo and here I am again for the 2015 Expo. As I’ve done in the past with this type of event, the coverage narrative and the photos have been placed over on the Piercing Ken website and if you click the logo below you will be transported over to that post. I do it like this since I don’t attend as press and it crosses both of my creative sides to boot. I prefer doing it this was as opposed to just posting what I did on my personal Facebook page since that is very strict these days. I find this way is a winning situation anyway so please give the logo a click and see what is up.

Logo - PDN Photoplus Expo

Please note that the comments have been disabled for this posting but any topical thoughts can be left on the narrative you will find on Piercing Ken. See you here again soon with all that you expect from us.

Official Website: http://www.photoplusexpo.com