Piercing Ken’s Coverage Of PDN Photoplus Expo (2012)

Hello there my dear readers and welcome to the third annual broadcast post about my alter-ego PiercingKen having attended the PDN Photoplus Expo that is held at the spacious Jacob Javits Center in NYC. I’ve been going to this expo since 2010 and since it was technically not a media event for me, I decided to share the stories and the images that were captured there over on my at the time new PiercingKen.com site. As the site closes in on its third year of existence I have pretty much locked this kind of event overview for that site but since more of you are currently enjoying PiercingMetal.com, I figure that announcing that I went over here on this site. This lets me reach more of you even faster which is a boon. You might have already surmised that this particular coverage is going to remain on PiercingKen.com going forward but if this assumption did not dawn on you allow me to say “Surprise!!!”

Logo - PDN Photoplus Expo

That being said I am here before you once again to showcase an item that I think you will benefit from and of course is being showcased over there. This traffic sign of a narrative will shoot you down another path to see the story if you so wish (and I hope you do follow the link because as I stressed above this is my third attendance of this convention and has many photos that I think you will like). Thanks for your interest in PiercingMetal.com and PiercingKen.com – don’t forget to follow our various social networks because each site has its own Official Facebook and Official Twitter accounts to peruse and share with friends – enjoy.

PiercingKen Goes To The PDN Photoplus Expo 2012

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