Piercing Ken’s Coverage Of PDN Photoplus Expo (2011)

Last year I began attending the PDN Photoplus Expo and that event focuses on all things photography in terms of both professional and consumer based hardware along with various accessories to help you be better at the craft. I enjoy this convention since it keeps me informed on some really amazing implements of media empire building and lets me explore as a fan myself with my oft-comrade in arms Skeleton Pete Parrella.

Logo - PDN Photoplus Expo

Once again I’ve decided to use PiercingMetal’s Blog capacity to periodically showcase what I have going on over there on PiercingKen in a post on this side of my creative fence. Similar to last year’s adventuring, I did not request any sort of press credentials so that let’s me keep this particular convention in play as a Chronicles of PiercingKen story. We would wander the Expo Floor for a single day even though the event runs for three. I should make note that this kind of visit can be done for free if you register early enough so do keep that in mind as next years expo draws close. I generally register towards the middle of August if enrollment has opened. This narrative serves as a traffic sign directing you over to the full story so just click the text below to be transported to it. Closing up I thank you most graciously for your interest in PiercingMetal.com and my 1.5 years old PiercingKen.com site – Keeping you engaged with what goes on around me is a pleasure to serve up.

PiercingKen Goes To The PDN Photoplus Expo 2011

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