Peter Murphy Announces Career-Spanning Residency @ The Chapel

I’ve been posting so many tour promotional pieces over the last couple of years and some of them while visits from musicians, are not tours per se but are instead lengthy residencies at a single place. That said, here is the rundown of dates for the legendary Peter Murphy along with his brief statement. The former Bauhaus singer will be performing in California.

The Press Release:
PETER MURPHY will play a career spanning residency at The Chapel in San Francisco from January 23-February 15, 2018. See the tour dates section for ticket purchasing links.

The Residency Dates:
1/23/18: Should The World Fail to Fall Apart
1/24/18: Should The World Fail to Fall Apart
1/26/18: Love Hysteria
1/27/18: Love Hysteria
1/28/18: Love Hysteria
1/31/18: Deep
2/2/18: Deep
2/3/18: Deep
2/4/18: Holy Smoke
2/7/18: Cascade
2/9/18: Dust
2/10/18: Ninth
2/11/18: “Stripped”
2/14/18: Mr. Moonlight (Bauhaus Classics)
2/15/18: Mr. Moonlight (Bauhaus Classics)

*** end of listings ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: It’s not often that I will share something from the Left Coast but this one seemed to be special and important. While I’ve never really followed Peter’s solo career post Bauhaus (or even Bauhaus for that matter), I think that this is a fantastic way to deliver ones storied career to the most diehard of fans. Thought this might be in California, I can see the fans heading over that way from faraway lands to help celebrate his history in songs. From the looks of it, there will be people that are going to be vying to attend on multiple nights. Please don’t be mad at never following the group for when they formed I was mostly listening to KISS and Pink Floyd. They were done by the time that I got to experiencing other kinds of Rock music that was out there. Now if you are a fan of any kind you can let the readers and myself about what this tour means to you and if you plan on attending even if you are over here on the East Coast with us. Perhaps you can offer up some recommendations as well to seminal works for the absolute newbie. I’ll leave the lights on for the topical comments.

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