“Penny Pills” by Crash Kelly

Artist: Crash Kelly
Title: Penny Pills
Label: Liquor and Poker
Release: January 25, 2005
Genre: Glam / Rock
Rating: 8/10

When rock suddenly becomes more like background noise and not a life changing experience, along comes Crash Kelly to the rescue. A total return to a healthy mix of 70s glitter rock and classic arena rock with all the attitude, twin guitars, catchy lyrics and style – a rock record was born. Crash Kelly originally formed by Sean Kelly (ex – Robin Black) and co-founder Allister Thompson (ex. Sleepwalker’s Union), started their quest to make rock once again more than just music, but an experience in 2002. Besides Sean (lead guitar and vocals) and Allister (rhythm guitar and vocals), you also have Jordan Michael Stewart (bass and vocals) and Kevin Taylor (ex – Robin Black, drums and vocals). When brought together you have yourself a solid rock record from start to finish.

With this album being released nationally through Liquor and Poker in 2005, the band was set for success. The album starts off with the infectious “She Gets Away” which instantly perks your interest. A side note this to song is that there is a video of this song on the enhanced version of this CD, so make sure to check it out. The album continues steadily through throwing out “Love Me Electric” a sweet little number with swagger and cockiness that sucks you in. Amongst the songs there is a mid-tempo number called “11 Cigarettes”, a really great tune that almost anyone can relate to, just listen to the lyrics! This is a nice intermission before you are confronted with the rest of the album. It’s almost as if T. Rex, Thin Lizzy, Guns N’ Roses and Hanoi Rocks were thrown in a blender and poured into a lipstick printed glass, suddenly, out popped the album “Penny Pills”. It’s one thing to have influences in one’s music but when you create something equally as good and with such ease, it’s incredible. The one track that was a little disappointing was their cover of Rainbow’s “Since You Been Gone”, nice vocals, but over all a weak song compared to some of the gems on this record. Wrapping up the record though is another cover of Cheap Trick’s “ELO Kiddies” which not only seals the record as being something you should check out, but the cover is also decent. An unusually great album with hardly any downtime. Want a return to rock, a prescription of penny pills is in order. As Sean sings, “…this rock n’ roll therapy don’t come for free!” get your copy today!

Track Listing:
1. She Gets Away
2. Love Me Electric
3. Irish Blessing 95
4. Penny Pills
5. 11 Cigarettes
6. You Don’t Know
7. Movie
8. Wanna Be Like You
9. Easy & The Fifth
10. Something Hollywood
11. Since You Been Gone
12. ELO Kiddies

Official Website: http://www.crashkelly.ca

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