“Penetrator” by Penetrator

Artist: Penetrator
Title: “Penetrator”
Label: Sonic Age Records
Release Date: 4/25/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 7/10

Toronto Canada’s Penetrator have brought listeners a healthy dose of traditional styled Heavy Metal that mixes elements of the Power genre with the very familiar feel to a nice result. Founder Ross is an industry veteran and has dealt with some of the most prominent figures in Heavy Metal history. The music laid down on the album is strongly influenced by the likes of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden and has a quick solid drive throughout most of the piece. Joining “Bulldog” Bess Ross (guitars); the lineup is completed by David Green (bass), Maxel Black (vocals) and Ogie Dawg (their newest member of drums). The recording features the drumming of Simon Vanderzand who also engineered and mixed the CD. This is a tight lineup that certainly shows a degree of energy throughout the whole record. However of the nine total songs making the debut you will find that it is a very short release that runs just over 30 minutes. Despite this the group does get its point across by slamming out track after track with several highlights. I liked the opener “Unleash The Fury”, “Adulteress” and “Wheels Of Justice” the most and found myself referring back to those particular tracks on follow-up listens.

In today’s Metal World the music has a good chance of becoming something even bigger. I think they need to expand on the themes they have set forth and mix more of the new feel with the traditional that will help them raise the bar over their peers. The Sonic Age records release includes all of the tracks from the band’s demo effort “Unleash The Fury” so I am not sure if a re-recording was done or just a re-issue of the tracks under the labels name. I think we are seeing the start of something promising and it proves that the US is not alone in its fight to bring more Power Metal to this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Track Listing:
1. Unleash The Fury
2. Spread The Mind
3. Guns And Whiskey
4. Muse In A Bottle
5. Adulteress
6. Wheels Of Justice
7. Shock Therapy
8. Templars Of Hate
9. Penetrator

Official Web site: www.PenetratorPower.com

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