“Passenger” by Mnemic

Artist: Mnemic
Title: “Passenger”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 1/19/2007
Genre: Future Fusion Metal
Rating: 4/5

The past few years have been interesting and tumultuous in the world of the band Mnemic and that is an understatement right off the bat. The events of their recent past was almost as chaotic as some of the music they deliver night after night and with the new release “Passenger”, they are showing that strength can come from hurtles and pitfalls and often give sway to a stronger and more focused entity. With the new release the band introduces the listener to the talents of their new lead singer Guillaume Bideau (formerly of the band Scarve). As tracks like “In Control” and “Stuck Here” lay the slam down – you come to realize that a perfect candidate is finally in the role. Bideau joins the band replacing Tony Jelencovich, who toured with them on the Meshuggah and Arch Enemy jaunts. It has been quoted that he is the singer who should have been in the band from the very start. He does a great job on his own debut in the band and truly seems more a contributor to their branded Future Fusion Metal. If you are unsure of what “Future Fusion Metal” actually is and sounds like then you need look no further than Mnemic, for it is an amalgam of Industrial, twisted syncopations and riffs along with an angry and in your face brand of Metal. “Passenger” also comes to life after several years of straight touring and this seems to have helped the band grow in the musical sense as well. Having seen them live with each of their singers I always knew they could play but on this recording this is a tightness that you feel on every track. They admit a fondness for Meshuggah and their influence – but when Mnemic does what they do it is not merely as some clone of the Swedish technical Metal giants. This is a crunching and brutal slab of Industrial Metal that pays homage to ones inspirations but does not come at the cost of any individuality.

While an intense listen at more times than it is not, there is a strong use of melodic vocals across the piece and I liked this input for it works well in compliment to the growling and screaming that they also employ. If you are a fan of odd-time signature changes and experimentation with different aspects of the groove then I think its time you checked out Mnemic. This kind of activity is so present that they borderline on the Progressive side. Bideau joins the lineup of Mircea (guitars), Obeast (bass), Brylle (drums), and Rune (guitar) and together you get a solid Metal one-two punch. The power on this release should enable Mnemic to claw its way out of the underground scene a little more and lead new legions of Metal acolytes forward into the future of the genre and its possibilities. For this journey the band can drive and we can remain the “Passenger”. Strap yourself in folks.

Track Listing:
1. Humanaut
2. In The Nothingness Black
3. Meaningless
4. Psykogasm
5. PigFuck
6. In Control
7. Electric I’d Hypocrisy
8. Stuck Here
9. What’s Left
10. Shape Of The Formless
11. The Eye On Your Back

Official Website: www.mnemic.com

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