“Pariah” by Naglfar

Artist: Naglfar
Title: “Pariah”
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 7/12/2005
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 7.5

With “Pariah” blasting from my speakers I was convinced that Naglfar are capable of giving the critical Black Metal fan a worthy piece of music. This is a CD that any fan of the genre will appreciate. Production on it is top notice and clear. Every instrument cuts through the darkness of this disk like a shard of razor sharp glass. The songs are powerful in their subject matter and musically intelligent containing every required hook expected of a Black Metal band. As I listened I found a number of musical similarities to that of Norway’s Dimmu Borgir with the exception of flourishing keyboard arrangements. This Swedish Quartet is most definitely a perfect companion band to those Dark Gods of Norway. In fact I stress that fans of Dimmu look into this disk primarily while we all wait for that bands next contribution. “Pariah” can sate the hunger for those that are longing for something along these lines in the interim.

I had some favorites from the CD and most specifically those are “A Swarm Of Plagues”, “The Perpetual Horrors”, and “None Shall Be Spared”. Overall this is a heavy disk but shows a large amount of technical ability throughout. This is a factor that I am enjoying in the newer compositions of the Black & Death Metal groups. There is not just a consistent buzzing yet instead a skill that borderline on Progressive. I think we will see this as long as bands like Naglfar, Behemoth and Dimmu Borgir continue to raise the bar on their respective genres.

Track Listing:
1. Proclamation
2. A Swarm Of Plagues
3. Spoken Words Of Venom
4. The Murder Manifesto
5. Revelations Carved In Flesh
6. None Shall Be Spared
7. And The World Shall Be Your Grave
8. The Perpetual Horrors
9. Carnal Scorn & Spiritual Malice

Official Web site: www.Naglfar.net

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