Bandai America Reveals “Ultimate Luminous Gundam” and “Gundam Infinity” Line

The Press Release:
Paying homage to past and present Mobile Suit Gundam models, Bandai America is proud to introduce the Ultimate Luminous Gundam and Gundam Infinity figure line, launching Fall 2021 and open for pre-orders NOW! Taking the most iconic Mobile Suits from the Gundam universe, the Gundam Infinity collection features a collectible line of 4.5-inch, highly detailed figures with over 14 points of articulation, battle-ready accessories, and interchangeable parts. Gundam fans can either customize parts from different generations of Gundams to create units of their own or model their figures as they’re purchased.

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New York Comic Con 2021 Announces Badge Sell Out

There has been an announcement from ReedPOP regarding the status of badges from the recent on sale day. This comes from their official Facebook Page which is also linked at the close for your convenience.

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UPDATE: All badge types are now sold out. We’re moving forward with existing capacity limits at this time. We will continue to follow NYS requirements and as guidelines around large events are updated closer to October, we will alert all of you if more badges become available. You will also be able to reserve the badges you’d like to buy through our Official Badge Exchange once that opens, details available at

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Truth be told this news doesn’t surprise me at all because on a good day the NYCC badges sell out fast but after a pandemic where everyone was under lockdown for a year and a few months the demand for any kind of in-person event was going to be a hot item. As many also know, ReedPOP announced some time ago that badges and access would be less than usual based on the necessary Covid-19 precautions and restrictions that they have to face. Folks who’ve ever attended one of these events know just how crowded they can be so it will be interesting to see if social distancing is even possible. If we end up attending it will be our 11th go-round but it will not be our first time back in the Javits Center since the pandemic began. The massive event space was a vaccination hub for many months but now has returned to its usual function and we are set to attend both the Summer Fancy Food Show and the New York International Auto Show as media before the New York Comic Con happens. Fans of those particular shows should tune into all the socials and site for “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” since that is where the coverage will be. Okay that’s all I have to say about this, I hope a lot of our audience managed to get tickets for the event and we hope to see you all there come October.

Shameless Plug: During the course of the pandemic, I repurposed all of the photo galleries shot from New York Comic Con 2016-2019 and uploaded them to our Official YouTube Channel. We invite you to revisit these fun times starting HERE and hope you will spend a little time on the channel and give us a subscribe so we can reach more milestones.


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Now Playing: Marvel Studios “Black Widow” (7/9/2021)

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Get on your mark and get set for some action my comic book loving friends because after more than a year in delays based on the global pandemic, Marvel Studios “Black Widow” opens in theaters everywhere. The film is also available as a Disney+ Premium Access feature for $30 but that’s really only beneficial if you have a full household. We have discussed the film extensively already in posts you can find HERE so please check them out and pardon the ones that are comic book related because of the “Black Widow” tag. That’s just how WordPress works.

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The Premise: Following the events of Captain America: Civil War (2016), Natasha Romanoff finds herself alone and forced to confront a dangerous conspiracy with ties to her past. Pursued by a force that will stop at nothing to bring her down, Romanoff must deal with her history as a spy and the broken relationships left in her wake long before she became an Avenger.
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Marvel Studios: “What If…?” Official Trailer

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So based on the calendar its been a full seven months since we got that Exclusive Look at Marvel Studios “What If…?” and if you didn’t see that narrative just click the highlighted text. Since that time we’ve gotten all three of the at the time coming soon live series and “Loki” has one more episode to air next week. Now its time to showcase the Official Trailer for the debut animated series from Disney+ and I’ve included the premise, casting and some art down below as well. Take a look.

The Premise: The series explores what would happen if major moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe occurred differently.
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Win To See Anthrax’s 40th Anniversary Livestream

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It’s been more than “20” months since PiercingMetal has offered readers a giveaway and this notice marks our first-ever event that’s being delivered virtually so it’s rather exciting that this is the path back to what we hope is a regular occurrence once again.

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The Details: In 2021 the legendary Anthrax will celebrate their 40th Anniversary and in honor of this occasion the band will be delivering a special livestream concert that is bound to be loaded with their greatest songs and most probably a whole lot of surprises. The virtual experience comes care of Danny Wimmer Presents and thanks to their marketing team some of the PiercingMetal readership will be getting the chance to enjoy this livestream for free. Let’s go over some of the details on how you participate in this giveaway.

When and Where: Friday, July 16th via your preferred streaming device in the comforts of your own home.
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