Backyard Babies @ North Six (2/5/2005)

Logo - Backyard Babies

Artist: Backyard Babies
Venue: The North Six (Brooklyn NY)
Opener: unsigned acts
Label: Liquor and Poker Music
Date: 2-24-2005

Sweden’s Grammy Award winning rock group the “Backyard Babies” took an off night from their tour supporting Social Distortion to make a pit stop at the North Six club located in Williamsburg Brooklyn recently. I have to admit that adventuring out to the show in the middle of a treacherous snowstorm to see them and to absorb the surroundings of a new club made the night kick off to an interesting start. The evening was set to be full of high-energy Rock and Roll in the style of Clash and Sex Pistols with kick ass numbers and exciting stage personality from each of the performing bands. As a matter of fact, each group kicked up the level of performance a notch. I was fortunate to meet the support team for the group on the tour bus and I teased them that they brought the snow from Sweden. New York was getting more of it than back home we were told.
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Steve Vai @ Town Hall (3/5/2005)

Logo - Steve Vai

Artist: Steve Vai
Venue: Town Hall – NYC
Opener: Eric Sardinas
Date: 3-26-2005
Label: Epic Records

There is no question or argument about Steve Vai being considered perhaps the most prolific of Progressive Rock guitarists in music today. This weekend Mister Vai returned to New York City for two sold-out shows at The Town Hall an intimate theater setting where there was not a bad seat in the house no matter where you located. Steve would be featuring a number of selections from his latest release entitled “Real Illusions: Reflections”, and if you ask me this is his most Zappa inspired piece of music yet. So much of it reminded me of his early time with Frank and that is great to see Steve returning to an even more adventurous musical level after so many years in the business.
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Dirt Bike Annie: Live Photos @ North Six (2/5/2005)

Logo - Dirt Bike Annie

Dirt Bike Annie was performing as a direct support act for The Backyard Babies who were rocking at The North Six and the performance was documented in a posting that you can read HERE. These photos by Skeleton Pete Parrella will allow you to be a part of the excitement from your computer desk.

dirt bike annie, dirt bike annie live photos
Dirt Bike Annie in Concert by Pete Parrella (2005)
dirt bike annie, dirt bike annie live photos
Dirt Bike Annie in Concert by Pete Parrella (2005)

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“Buried In Oblivion” by Into Eternity

Artist: Into Eternity
Title: “Buried In Oblivion”
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Progressive Metal
Rating: 8/10

If one were to take the technical skills found in music such as Dream Theater and combine them with the type of harmonies typically found in Yes you would get a very interesting band. Now when you take these principles and not only speed them up but include a skillfully placed use of death vocals you have the Canadian band “Into Eternity”. Their CD “Buried In Oblivion” is a non-stop ride of Progressive Metal power from start to finish. I was very impressed with the technical ability of these musicians across the length of the CD and I am happy to report that this is the same level of play one sees in a live performance. In addition to this skill each of the band members sing backup and also provide the dark vocal lines. This tends to make this both a powerful and yet moody piece of music. As I mentioned, the musicianship is very technically based both in guitar riffing and drumming. They work well together and showcase the influences of Progressive forerunners on their playing. The themes covered in the music are not at all based in the brighter side of life; instead they focus more on despair and oblivion. It is effective for the bands musical thoughts as they come to life on the CD.
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“Chaoswave” by Chaoswave

Artist: Chaoswave
Title: “Self-Titled”
Label: unsigned
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Progressive Dark
Rating: 7.5

Coming to you straight out of Italy is a kick-ass band called Chaoswave. This group delivers some solid metal to you in the styles of Nevermore and Lacuna Coil. There is a high amount of technical expertise showcased on the production and they made sure that this demo sounds as good as a label release would. While I use Lacuna Coil in reference, the similarity ends with the fact that there are two people singing lead, and one is male while the other female. Giorgia Fadda and Fabio Carta use their styles vocally to stray from the Gothic and lean more towards that of power metal.
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