“Overture Of The Wicked” by Iced Earth

Artist: Iced Earth
Title: “Overture Of The Wicked” EP
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 6/5/2007
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

The Metal world has been waiting for new Iced Earth music since their blockbuster release “The Glorious Burden” and since this album we have seen two DVD’s arrive to sate some of the growing hunger for anything from the band. The fans need not worry that founder/leader Jon Schaffer has been sitting idly by for during this time he has been carefully crafting his next Metal masterpiece. The album will be called “Framing Armageddon” and this EP gives listeners a teaser sample with one new track from the release. “Ten Thousand Strong” is the kind of track that Iced Earth is best known for as it is uncompromising, true to the roots Heavy Metal power. It is heavy in the guitar riffs and melody while Tim “Ripper” Owens shows us why he is the perfect fit in this band as lead vocalist and perhaps one of the best in the industry as a whole. As a sign of things to come from the band on the new album I can only guess that this will be a fantastic ride. The storyline of the new album will be a continuation of the tale that was begun on the album “Something Wicked This Way Comes” which was originally released in 1998. The new track acts as a prequel to this tale.

Proving that good things come to those who wait, Schaffer, Owens and company make sure that they do not leave you feeling left for want by giving you a completely new recording of the “Something Wicked” trilogy from the aforementioned album. The new version is done with respect to the original, but has an added level of sonic power and intensity based on the banshee wails of Owens, the crunching guitars of Schaffer and the pounding rhythm section that recorded it. It’s more aggressive and faster paced than the original was and I am sure this will become an EP that all Iced Earth fans will seek out and place proudly among their Metal collections. You would be wise to pay attention dear friends in Metal, for the story is once again about to unfold. Are you ready?

Track Listing:
1. Ten Thousand Strong
2. Prophecy
3. Birth Of The Wicked
4. The Coming Curse

Official Website: www.icedearth.com

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