Out Today: “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” Part 1

As a pretty close to lifelong comic book fan and since I know pretty much where my readers heads are at about the medium, I hope that I can say that you are as excited as I am about the new DC Comics Animated Feature for “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns”. To say that this was a classic tale in the Batman canon would be an understatement.

Bluray - Batman TDKR - 1

The film is being released on video today and since it went straight to the medium as opposed to being an opening in the theaters fans don’t have to wait too long to own a copy. They can just show up at wherever they get their goods and say “Gimme one”. “Batman The Dark Knight Returns” was written and drawn by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson and takes place in a dystopian future where Batman has returned to fighting crime at 55 years of age. The world is a different place for sure and even the Caped Crusader was going to have his hands full. It will be interesting to see how they work this out as an animated show but I am glad that we are getting it. The only part that leaves me curious is what made them choose to do this in two separate releases. Yes there will be a part two for the conclusion. Here is a peek at the voice cast.

Cast Introduced in Part 1
Peter Weller as Bruce Wayne / Batman
Ariel Winter as Carrie Kelley / Robin
David Selby as Commissioner James Gordon
Wade Williams as Harvey Dent / Two-Face
Paget Brewster as Lana Lang
Maria Canals Barrera as Ellen Yindel
Michael Emerson as Joker
Michael Jackson as Alfred Pennyworth
Michael McKean as Dr. Bartholomew Wolper
Gary Anthony Williams as Mutant Leader
Grey DeLisle as Anchorwoman Carla
Richard Doyle as The Mayor
Yuri Lowenthal as “Son of Batman”
James Patrick Stuart as Murray
Bruce Timm as Thomas Wayne
Frank Welker as Mayor Stevenson

Learn more about the finer points of the film by clicking its Official Wiki entry.

Official Wiki Entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman:_The_Dark_Knight_Returns_%28film%29

You can order the film on standard edition DVD an Blu-ray disc. I also have embedded the classic Frank Miller mini-series that told this incredible story in its collected Trade Paperback form.

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