Out Today: “Batman ’66” #1 by DC Comics

“Biff”, “Pow”, “Zam” or “Holy Digital Media Batman!!!!” The classic Batman series from the sixties has returned….in a sense. Presenting DC Comics latest digital comic “Batman ’66” whose first issue goes on sale today.

Comic - Batman 66 - 1

Written by Jeff Parker with art by Jonathan Case, “Batman ’66” is the first title to be a part of DC Comics’ new DC2 line of digital offerings and more will follow this flagship title as time goes on. As you can expect, this series will be an homage to the classic television program that featured Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin. The editor of the series has said that these are not motion comics or even animated ones but there will be some special things going on in them that will enjoyable when they happen as the reader enjoys the comic. The cover of the first issue is done by Mike Allred (of “Madman” fame).

I only have enjoyed some of the publicized photos of the story and it looks awesome. It really brought back memories of the classic television show that I used to watch in syndicated reruns day after day after day. It’s been reported that while the comic series will showcase some of the humor we found in the classic program, we shall also find some serious mystery and intense intrigue facing the Caped Crusaders. Now at this point in time, the series is only going to be available on the digital platform but the plan is that all of these DC2 series will get a physical comic book as well eventually. I look forward to that since I currently do NOT have an iPad or any other kind of digital reader outside of my Smart Phone and its just too small to enjoy this kind of stuff in my opinion.

Download Now for Only $.99 HERE

PS: Readers of our comic book overviews can count on a more lengthy report when this title eventually comes out in the physical format. Stay tuned for that but please don’t wait on us. The Bat Signal is calling you to action.

Official Website: http://www.dccomics.com

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