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Out Today: “Amazing Spider-Man” #700

Comic - Amazing Spider-Man 700

Today is the day that Marvel Comics’ own “The Amazing Spider-Man” title reaches its 700th issue and believe it or not, but after fifty years of continuous publication it will be its last as well. Now there have been numerous posted spoilers as to what is happening in the pages of the book so I will not be one of those who ruins it for other fans. I have read these spoilers and am a bit confused by the plans of writer Dan Slott but hey, it will surely be an interesting ride for sure and one that most readers never saw coming. I’ll admit that I have not been following this and many other titles as religiously as I used to but I did want to toast its achievement of 700 issues and can honestly admit that they had me along for the ride for many, many years.

A brand new Spider-Man saga and direction will begin next month with the premiere of “The Superior Spider-Man” and if you are wondering what the idea behind that rather grandiose title actually is, then you will just have to stay tuned and read it for yourself. It is a part of the brand new Marvel NOW initiative which is that company’s version of the couple of years old DC Comics “The New 52” efforts. Until then let’s get ready to say goodbye to 2012 and to a thrill ride and a half of the past fifty years of “The Amazing Spider-Man”.

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