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Out Now: “Smallville: Season 11” by DC Comics

Back in May of 2011, The CW Network aired the final episode of “Smallville”, the television series that followed the adventures of a young Clark Kent during the years before he became Superman. Now just under a year after the ending of the show, the characters and its world continue on anew in a brand new comic book titled “Smallville Season 11”. Check out the cover.

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I was one of those viewers who didn’t start watching Smallville when it began and since I only caught an episode here or there based on channel surfing, I decided that when it comes available on Netflix that I will work my way to the last episode to be up with the rest of you. I have not yet examined this particular comic book but I wanted to be sure to tell you about its existence so you could hunt down a copy or reserve one in your local shop should you have been a super fan of the pre-history of Superman. Obviously this will continue along in the same premise and stand alone and work outside of the current The New 52 stories. All of the seasons of “Smallville” are available on DVD now, and I’ve embedded links to them on Amazon.com so you can complete or begin your collection.

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