Out Now: “Archie Meets KISS” by Archie Comics

Huh? Did I just say that?

You might be shaking your head about this one but you are reading correctly because Riverdale’s most honest and forthright resident Archie will be meeting the fire-breathing, blood-spitting, explosive show spectacle that is the one and only KISS. Below is the cover for the first issue which should already be on the stands for purchase.

Comic - Archie Meets KISS - 1

I’ll admit that I do not have any idea how they are going to make this one work out but if they can configure an “Archie Meets The Punisher” as we saw happening some years ago then I guess it is easy enough to work KISS into the tales of the Archieverse. Perhaps the band is on tour and passing through Riverdale and finds the gang involved in some kind of mystery like we used to find in the classic Scooby-Doo cartoons. The tale will span four issues so its very likely to become a collected edition and that is when I will get a copy for myself. I just have too many issues laying around of various titles and its gotten out of hand. Especially with “52” different titles to monitor on the DC Universe side. Learn more about this trippy pairing up via their official websites.

Official Websites:
Archie Comics: www.archiecomics.com
KISS: www.kissonline.com

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