“Out Loud” by Naio Ssaion

Artist: Naio Ssaion
Title: “Out Loud”
Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: 1/31/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 8/10

Straight out of Slovenia comes a fresh breath of Hard Rock with some twinges of Evanescence but a completely different result due to the fact that the group has the unique addition of a violin player. According to the press copy, the group had proven themselves in many International band competitions which led to their signing a deal. While some have drawn comparisons to the US Gothic band led by Amy Lee, I found the music of Naio Ssaion a little more upbeat and refreshing as opposed to the angst of Ms. Lee and Company. Given the overall appeal of the group’s songs, such as “Miss You” and “N.SS” that are total radio-friendly rockers, I can’t see this band doing anything less than making a big fan base in the US. The group is made up of the lovely Barbara Jedovnicky (vocals), Rok Kolar (violin), Tine Eas (guitar), Luka Verdnik (guitar), Lenart Jerabek (bass), & Mitja Melanšek (drums). It’s another large group in terms of members and perhaps the reason for their full sound. Violin wizard Kolar is the standout player on the album most specifically, and shows his stuff on the instrumental rocker of “Bow Link In E Minor”. The interesting thing about him being in the band is that he is present throughout the songs on the entire album and not just a piece here and there. The other stand-out tracks for me were “Blah Blah” and “Out Of The Great Book Of Fairytales”. One of the strongest appeals of the band for me was in the fact that the vocal was not a deafening display of Operatic prowess. Given the music industry is loaded with them, I found it refreshing to have a straight-ahead Hard Rock band led by a female. Fans of Lullacry and Evanescence should enjoy this group very much. I found it something I listened to a few times in sequence before taking it out of my player.

This is a high recommendation from me and I think more people will go for it than wouldn’t. Napalm Records has been a great label for interesting music, especially over the past year. I encourage readers to look deeper into this label as well, particularly for Beseech and Leaves Eyes. Each brings something different to the table which will leave you wanting more.

Track Listing:
1. Static
2. The Mirror
3. Teen
4. Miss You
5. Bow Link In E Minor
6. N.SS
7. Shut Up
8. Blah Blah
9. Blind Date
10. Can’t You Hear
11. At Ease
12. Yours Faithfully
13. Out Of The Great Book Of Fairytales

Official Website: www.NaioSsaion.com

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