Oshkosh Begosh! Here’s The Lineup For Rock USA 2017

Yesterday I lauded the apparent awesomeness of the Chicago Open Air Festival in a post you can refer to HERE; Now in the event that I didn’t feel bad enough about something that cool taking place so far away from our Metal Metropolis, comes the happening in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and I’ve added the poster for you down below.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Cheated. Without lying I feel cheated. I say this because all of these awesome festivals are happening outside of the New York area and offering up a superb roster of artists for the fans of this kind of music. Instead we get Tool on Governor’s Ball and Nine Inch Nails on Panorama Fest. Yeah those are terrific bands but as far as the larger ROCK content goes that is it on each of those festivals. All of the rest is Rap, or Soul or Pop or Latin themed acts while this and the previously mentioned Chicago Open Air are pure Rock and Roll spectacle with heavy doses of Metal involved. I feel cheated. Hey promoters, let’s get a move on with some summer plans in this area. You can make it happen. If you book it, they will come. So what do you readers think of this Rock USA Fest? Let me know in the comments as always.

Official Website: http://www.rockusaoshkosh.com/

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