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Orion Pictures: “Child’s Play” Official Trailer (Opens 6/2019)

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It’s without question that we live in a media world of sequels, reboots, re-imaginings and the like and we’ve seen new takes on “Friday The 13th” and “It” features over the last few years so why would a franchise such as “Child’s Play” be spared. Just recently the folks at Orion Pictures released the first trailer for the upcoming reboot of “Child’s Play”, which is a movie about a murderous doll. I’ve added the trailer to our Pop Culture focuses to appease the Horror genre loving readers so let’s take a look.

The Premise: The story follows a mother named Karen who gives her son Andy a toy doll, Chucky, though both aren’t aware of its evil nature. (c/o Orion Pictures)

The Cast:
Gabriel Bateman as Andy Barclay
Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky
Aubrey Plaza as Karen Barclay
Brian Tyree Henry as Detective Mike Norris
Tim Matheson as Henry Kaslan
Marlon Kazadi as Omar Norris
Ty Consiglio as Pugg
Beatrice Kitsos as Falyn
Anantjot S. Aneja as Chris
Nicole Anthony as Detective Willis
Carlease Burke as Doreen
Amber Taylor as Shane’s Daughter
Kenneth Tynan as Jonga Burger Dude
Michael Bardach as Homeless Man
JC Meredith as Cab Driver

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ve mentioned this before in a couple of my Horror film focuses that I am weird about the genre. Sure I grew up loving the traditional monster movies and anything Godzilla, but with the slasher stuff I am a little less inclined. I never saw a full “Child’s Play” movie past the first one and a lot of my genre loving friends enjoy them immensely so maybe I will find a couple of nights and binge the stuff. I like the idea of the doll being a murderous robot this time around as opposed to the reincarnated serial killer that was the premise of the original series. What do you readers think about the reboot first trailer? Will you be heading to the theater to see this one or do you need another trailer to be more convinced? You don’t have to answer just yet and can hold the notions until we get another clip. I am sure one will be along soon enough. See you next time.

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Official Film Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child’s_Play_(2019_film)

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