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Orion Pictures: “Anna and The Apocalypse” Official Trailer

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I’ve been hearing about “Anna and The Apocalypse” for a short time now and since it sounded like such a fun film, I’ve added the Official Trailer into our Films and Television area. This one seems to have it all and is a comedy, a horror film and a musical. With the NY Comic Con around the corner as I write this, I am sure a lot of discussion will be on this release along with that of “The Walking Dead” (which is going to be Rick Grimes last season in case you didn’t know it already) so let’s take a look at the trailer down below. I’ll be back so don’t worry.

The Plot: A zombie apocalypse threatens the sleepy town of Little Haven – at Christmas – forcing Anna and her friends to fight, slash and sing their way to survival, facing the undead in a desperate race to reach their loved ones. But they soon discover that no one is safe in this new world, and with civilization falling apart around them, the only people they can truly rely on are each other…

The Cast:
Ella Hunt as Anna
Malcolm Cumming as John
Sarah Swire as Steph
Christopher Leveaux as Chris
Ben Wiggins as Nick
Marli Siu as Lisa
Mark Benton as Tony
Paul Kaye as Savage
Calum Cormack as Santa Claus
Euan Bennet as Jake
Sean Connor as Graham
Janet Lawson as Mrs. Hinzmann
Kirsty Strain as Ms. Wright
Ella Jarvis as Katie
David Friel as Paramedic

PiercingMetal Thoughts: To me this film looks like “Glee” meets “Zombieland” and since I enjoyed both of those items I’m game for this. Hey let’s face it, sometimes “The Walking Dead” is just too damned grim and morose and leaves you feeling blank (Negan’s “talk” with Glenn for instance….) so why not have a little fun and watch a young cast dispense with the living dead in all sorts of unique fashions. Considering the opening time, I am not yet sure that I will be hitting the theater for this but who knows, my mind changes quite often on such things. This does look like fun and I wonder what you think of it. You can let me know down in the comments and enjoy some promotional posters as well before you leave.

movie posters, promotional posters, orion pictures, anna and the apocalypse

movie posters, promotional posters, orion pictures, anna and the apocalypse

Official Film Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anna_and_the_Apocalypse

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