Original Misfits Glenn Danzig/Jerry Only/Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein To Reunite At Riot Fest

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There are times when you are reading the morning email broadcasts and think to yourself that perhaps you need a stronger bit of coffee based on it being hard to believe what is being looked at on your screen. This was the exact head that I found myself in a short time ago as the news opened up in my site email announcing “THE ORIGINAL MISFITS REUNITE” – Clearly I didn’t get enough sleep, or was immersed in some sort of fluid Horror Punk dream but alas this news was true and Original Members – Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only along with long-time guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein were reuniting and set to perform together on stage for the first time since 1983. Check out the poster and the press copy then I’ll return with some additional thoughts.

Poster - Misfits Reunion - 2016

The Press Release:
The Original Misfits Headline Riot Fest in Denver and Chicago

And they said it would never happen. Never!!

However, this September, Original Singer/Songwriter Glenn Danzig, Original Bassist Jerry Only and long-time Guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein – for the “First Time in Over 30-Years” – will be stepping onto stage together as “The Original MISFITS” to headline Riot Fest & Rodeo in Denver, CO (September 2-4, 2016) and Riot Fest & Carnival in Chicago, IL (September 16-18, 2016).

From the time of their first gig in 1977, the MISFITS and their iconic imagery went on to become one of the most crucially influential, genre-defying bands to ever emerge from North America, the MISFITS significance extends well beyond the narrowed path of punk rock & hardcore. Although not cognizant of how significant they would become, what the MISFITS achieved in their initial six-year window deconstructed and redefined rock music.

All the while, the MISFITS with Danzig’s unmistakeable voice, Only’s ferocious bass sound and the bands anthemic songs, melody-induced choruses and authentically bruising musicianship, cemented their importance with all ensuing generations, whether in arena-filled metal shows or in a sweaty 400-cap club in Tucson. And for the ‘First Time in over Three Decades’, legions of diehard fans from around the world will have the opportunity to hear the Original Band that created thousands of bands in their wake.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’m going to admit that I like this reunion news more than the constant hammering of the Guns N Roses reunion news even though I think that’s rather cool for sure. I’ve been wanting to see news of this nature for a few years now and I must admit to you all that I was not a fan of the Misfits from way back in the day. The reason was based on the fact that none of my group of friends were people that actively searched for music of this kind and instead relied mostly on my findings and well, I just didn’t find a band that I would have really liked. Of course I made up for this over the years since becoming a representative of the musical media and I really hope that some larger scale bit of touring is planned after these Chicago dates. It’s without question that the Misfits have inspired countless bands to pick up an instrument and play. I didn’t see mention of who is on drums so will assume it might be current Misfits drummer Eric Chupacabra Arce or maybe even former Type O Negative skin basher and current Danzig drummer Johnny Kelly. Either one is a solid choice for the task and knows the material well. If they don’t announce immediate plans for an extended reunion I hope this is captured on video so fans can purchase it and if it does get extended I hope Mr. Danzig loses his issues with photography at the concerts. It’s been well documented across the websites like this one that photos are verboten at Danzig shows and many photo scribes such as myself have been capturing visuals from the current Misfits and Doyle shows for years so it would be a shame if history is unable to be presented for those who could never hope to make a live show for whatever reason. I’m still excited and wondering about who I might know out in Chicago with a space on the couch for me to crash if I need to attend the Festival. Who’s driving from NYC would be my next inquiry…….let me know what you readers think about this historic news in the comments section.

Official Websites:
Misfits: http://www.misfits.com

One thought on “Original Misfits Glenn Danzig/Jerry Only/Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein To Reunite At Riot Fest”

  1. If they can be civil until September I’ll be surprised. If that happens I will for sure be going. Misfits were the band that got a young Brent in to music. Definitely the biggest influence on me musically. To hear all the classics with the original players is an opportunity I would be kicking myself if I missed. Let’s just hope Danzig or his staff doesn’t abuse the fans that have been waiting for this for 30+ years.

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