“Orgasmatron” (remaster) by Motorhead

Artist: Motorhead
Title: “Orgasmatron”
Label: Sanctuary Records
Release Date: 3/28/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 8/10

To celebrate the band’s 30 year career, Sanctuary Records is re-issuing expanded and remastered versions of some of their best albums. The two CD sets come with the original album remastered, along with a second CD that is loaded with bonus and unreleased tracks. The jewel cases are slip-cased and include full-color booklets that are packed with topical information on the release as well as photos and notes from the time of the album’s release.

“Orgasmatron” would find the band in a bit of a bind. Their last effort “Another Perfect Day” was not very well-received and would find the position of guitarist that was held by Brian Robertson being filled by two players this time around. Filling the shoes of the former Thin Lizzy player would be Phil Campbell and Wurzel. Lemmy stated at the time that since we could not decide between one or the other both were selected for the job. The band would return to a more established format of their songs which you can find on songs like “Doctor Rock”, “Mean Machine” and “Built For Speed”. Using the elements that led to their earlier success seemed to work again with the fans that preferred the classic sound more than anything else. Motorhead was Hard Rock and Roll at its primal best without a doubt. Other highlights from this release would be “Orgasmatron”, the title track that rumbled along in similar fashion to songs like “Killed By Death”. The 1986 release would not come without some turmoil as after an appearance on the Britcom hit “Young Ones”, the band would lose Phil Taylor on drums. He would be replaced by Pete Gill from Saxon.

Bonus CD: On The Road, Steal Your Face, Claw (alt ver), Kerrang Wooargh Weekender: Stay Clean, Heart Of Stone, Nothing Up My Sleeve, Metropolis, Killed By Death, Ace Of Spades, Steal Your Face, We Are The Road Crew, Motorhead, Bomber, Overkill.

The bonus CD on this release has another concert making this edition worth picking up. So far the entire collection of them has been worthy of placement in ones CD catalog.

Track Listing:
1. Deaf Forever
2. Nothing Up My Sleeve
3. Ain’t My Crime
4. Claw
5. Mean Machine
6. Built For Speed
7. Ridin’ With The Driver
8. Doctor Rock
9. Orgasmatron

Official Website: www.iMotorhead.com

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