Opening Today: “Super Duper Alice Cooper” (4/30/2014)

“Super Duper Alice Cooper” is the documentary about the legendary, and larger than life Alice Cooper and comes care of Banger Films. Those are the guys who brought us “Anvil: The Story of Anvil” and “A Headbanger’s Journey” and “Flight 666” to name a few. This film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival just over a week ago but now opens up to the rest of the world at large at theaters near you for a limited running engagement.

Poster - Super Duper Alice Cooper - 2014

According to the Press Release “Super Duper Alice Cooper is the first ever ‘doc opera’ – a dizzying blend of documentary archive footage, animation and rock opera that will cement forever the legend of ALICE COOPER. The film is the twisted tale of a teenage Dr. Jekyll whose rock n’ roll Mr. Hyde almost kills him. It is the story of Vincent Furnier, a preacher’s son who struck fear into the hearts of parents as ALICE COOPER, the ultimate rock star of the bizarre. From the advent of Alice as front man for a group of Phoenix freaks in the 60’s to the hazy decadence of celebrity in the 70s to his triumphant comeback as 80s glam metal godfather, we will watch as Alice and Vincent battle for each other’s’ souls. Alice’s story is told not only by the man himself, but through exclusive interviews with members of the original ALICE COOPER band, Elton John, Iggy Pop, John Lydon, and Dee Snider. Super Duper Alice Cooper is the creation of Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn at Banger Films, producers of Iron Maiden: Flight 666 (2009 SXSW Audience Choice Winner) and Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage (2010 Grammy-nominated and Tribeca Audience Choice Winner), and much-lauded filmmaker Reginald Harkema, winner of the TIFF Special Jury Prize for his film Monkey Warfare.”

Speaking personally, I have always enjoyed the onstage persona and charisma that Alice Cooper brought to the table. Historically speaking I have only witnessed his performance twice in concert but have indulged in and provided objective commentary on a number of his recorded releases and videos. He is a master of the show for sure and leaves you on the edge of your seat from the moment he hits the stage. His influence crosses numerous performers and one of the biggest names to me as a fan is that of KISS who long ago mused that if one person could put on such a show, what would four people trying this be like. Alice Cooper has been in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 2011, forty three years after first appearing onstage with this persona. I love the films that Banger delivers and even own several of them on DVD so you know I will be doing my best to see this film. It will be a nice lead in for my enjoyment of both “Amazing Spider-Man 2” and “Godzilla” 🙂 So what do you readers think? Will you be catching this film when it showcases on the big screen or will you be waiting on ordering a copy for enjoyment in the comforts and relative safety from giant snakes and guillotines in your own home? Let us know what you think and I only ask that if you did see this already that you don’t spoil it for the rest of us. Here’s a shot I snagged of Alice back in 2008.

Alice Cooper in NY (2008)
Alice Cooper in NY (2008)

Here is the Official Trailer as featured by the fine folks at Eagle Rock Entertainment. Get all excited and get thine self out to indulge in some Coop.

The official website for the film will let you find venues that are showing it and also allow you to purchase tickets in advance so get on it before you make him angry.

Official Website:

In case you cannot make one of the screenings you can always order a copy on DVD and here is a link for that below.

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