Opening Today: “Star Wars and The Power of Costume” @ Discovery Times Square

We are only a month away from the long time ago and galaxy far, far away opening of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and what better way to get even more excited for this film than by attending the new exhibit that opens today at the Discovery Times Square event space. It’s called “Star Wars and The Power of Costume” and I’ve copied the official description below its banner below. Check it out.

Poster - Star Wars and The Power Of Costume - 2015

Featuring 70 hand-crafted costumes from the first six blockbuster Star Wars films, this exhibition reveals the artists’ creative process—and uncovers the connection between character and costume. George Lucas imagined and created a fantastical world filled with dynamic characters who told the timeless story of the hero’s journey. The costumes shaped the identities of these now famous characters, from the menacing black mask of Darth Vader and the gilded suit of C-3PO, to the lavish royal gowns of Queen Amidala and a bikini worn by Princess Leia when enslaved by Jabba the Hutt. A special presentation for the showing at Discovery Times Square in New York will feature seven additional costumes from the highly anticipated film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: This sure sounds cool and I am going to be looking into attending this at some point either as a press representative or as one of the diehard Star Wars maniacs because I very simply love this stuff. I grew up with the original “Star Wars” film and saw that when it opened at the Ziegfeld Theater with my Grandmother decades and decades ago and have been a big fan ever since. This exhibit is similar to the 2002 roving exhibit called “Star Wars The Magic Of Myth” which I saw over at the Brooklyn Museum. It featured weapons and small vehicles along with actual character props and I must find those photos and scan them for a reflection post for this or my site. Stay tuned for that when I get around to it but now back to this new presentation. I only hope that photography will be permitted since the last time I was in the DTS venue it was not. Considering how people post the world to their Facebook and Instagram I am thinking that it might be at this point.

Tickets can be purchased HERE

Official Website:

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