Opening Today: “Metallica Through The Never” (9/27/2013)

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Hey there Metallicats today is the day that “Metallica Through The Never” opens up in IMAX Theaters everywhere. Are you excited? Do you even know about this film yet? If not, check below the poster for the copied from Wikipedia plot line.


The Plot:
As Metallica performs a roaring live set for fans in a sold-out arena, a young roadie named Trip is sent on a mission to meet a disabled truck and retrieve a particular item. However, the routine task turns into a surreal odyssey when Trip’s van is hit by another vehicle and he subsequently finds himself up against a death-dealing horseman. As Trip flees through desolate streets, he has only his wits to help him avoid the deadly horseman and deliver Metallica’s cargo.

As I have already seen the trailer, I can tell you that it does look interesting and it’s surely different from a standard concert film from beginning to end. There are a bunch of fantasy elements to it and its all done with the booming music of Metallica throughout and appearances by the members of the band as well. Will it succeed? Well, no one ever knows what the larger reception will be for a film. Just take “Long Ranger” and “John Carter” to mind for an example of expectations and the results that they got. I am sure that the more ardent of Metallica’s following will enjoy the release and likely see it in the IMAX theater when it opens up. For those of you who prefer sitting in a not as overwhelming theater you need not worry as “Metallica Through The Never” will be in the regular theaters about a week after the exclusive IMAX run. What are you advance thoughts on this film? Will you be supporting it or are you waiting on the release when it hits Blu-ray and standard format DVD.

The Cast:
Dane DeHaan as Trip, a roadie
James Hetfield as himself – lead vocals and rhythm guitar
Lars Ulrich as himself – drums
Kirk Hammett as himself – lead guitar and backing vocals
Robert Trujillo as himself – bass and backing vocals
Mackenzie Gray

Metallica’s own label Blackened Recordings will be releasing the official soundtrack to the film, and not only have I linked you to that below, but I also included numerous links to the bands existing catalog so you folks who might be missing an album or two can complete the collection and fill up that music library.

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