Opening: Rob Zombie’s “31” (9/16/2016)

I don’t generally announce the opening of a new Horror film but this one comes care of the maniacal imagination of Heavy Metal’s own Rob Zombie so its a little different for me. I also recently hosted a contest to see an advance screening of the film thanks to Fathom Events and with all of that put together figured why not. The new film by Rob Zombie is called “31” and it opens today for a limited time. Check it out below.

Poster - Rob Zombie 31 - 2016

About The Film: 31 is a 2016 American independent horror film written and directed by Rob Zombie, and starring Sheri Moon Zombie. The film was crowdfunded online twice at The film revolves around five carnival workers’ survival playing a game called “31” while evading murderers known as “The Heads” dressed as clowns that have names that define their unique personalities. At a test screening Zombie compared 31 to his 2005 film The Devil’s Rejects. (thanks Wiki)

The Plot: During Halloween 1976 a group of carnival workers are traveling through the country in an RV, on their way to their next venue. Along the way they’re stopped and attacked, with only a handful of them left alive – Charly (Sheri Moon Zombie), Venus (Meg Foster), Panda (Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs), Levon (Kevin Jackson), and Roscoe (Jeff Daniel Phillips). They’re taken to a strange, large building, where three strange people wearing aristocratic wigs and powder force them to play “31”. For the next 12 hours they must wander through a maze-like set of rooms where they must survive attempts by several people intent on torturing and murdering them. If they survive the full 12 hours they will be set free, although their captors freely express their disbelief that the captives will survive that long. (thanks Wiki)

The Cast:
Sheri Moon Zombie as Charly
Jeff Daniel Phillips as Roscoe
Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs as Panda Thomas
Meg Foster as Venus Virgo
Richard Brake as Doom-Head
Malcolm McDowell as Father Napoleon-Horatio-Silas Murder
Judy Geeson as Sister Dragon
Jane Carr as Sister Serpent
E.G. Daily as Sex-Head
Pancho Moler as Sick-Head
Lew Temple as Psycho-Head
David Ury as Schizo-Head
Torsten Voges as Death-Head
Ginger Lynn as Cherry Bomb
Tracey Walter as Lucky Leo
Daniel Roebuck as Pastor Victor
Devin Sidell as Georgina Victor
Michael “Red Bone” Alcott as Fat Randy Bumpagussy
Kevin Jackson as Levon
Andrea Dora as Trixie
Esperanza America as Snoopy
Jermain Hollman as Goon
Sandra Rosko as Satan’s slave
Kara Gibson as Satan’s slave

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Okay so before I ask you to let me know what you think about this new film, I want to be sure to stress that any of my lucky winners who caught it last week keep mum. Nobody likes a spoiler after all. If you loved it please do say so but leave out why alright? I watched the trailer and it was creepy as all hell so I might brave the darkness of my local cinema to see it as well. Okay now its your turn – go! More about the film can be learned on its Wiki entry below but be advised that some spoiler information will be there as well.

Official Wiki:

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