Opening: “Krampus” (12/4/2015)

You’ve tried and tried to be as good as gold all year round but you just couldn’t do it to the fullest extent. Depending on just how bad you were its not a visit from Santa you’ll enjoy but instead a terrifying time with Krampus and the film based on his legend opens today. Check out some information and the poster and cast and then I will speak a little more on it.

Poster - Krampus - 2015

About The Film: Krampus is an upcoming 2015 American light realistic horror film, based upon the character from Alpine folklore, directed by Michael Dougherty and written by Dougherty, Todd Casey, and Zach Shields.

Adam Scott as David
Toni Collette as Sarah
David Koechner as Howard
Allison Tolman as Linda
Conchata Ferrell as Margaret
Emjay Anthony as Max
Stefania LaVie Owen as Megan
Krista Stadler as Rebecca
Gavin Norton as Thomas

PiercingMetal Thoughts: The interest in Krampus has been on the rise for many years whether you knew this or not and as of this writing there are dolls of the mythical creature along with numerous books on the topic including “The Contemporary Krampus” which was just recently released. It’s an interesting legend for sure and while I know that I want to see the film, the holidays are approaching so I might wait for some reviews to see if its worth plunking down at the theater or waiting for the HBO premiere. What do you folks think about this one? Will Krampus be making your list or will you be making his? Bwah ha ha ha……

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Official Wiki Entry (Krampus):

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