Opening: “Gods Of Egypt” (2/26/2016)

Poster - Gods Of Egypt - 2016

The Egyptian god of darkness Set takes over the throne of the Egyptian empire. A mortal hero, Bek, allies with the Egyptian god Horus in a mission to save the world and to rescue his love.

The Cast:
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Horus
Brenton Thwaites as Bek
Gerard Butler as Set
Chadwick Boseman as Thoth
Elodie Yung as Hathor
Courtney Eaton as Zaya
Rufus Sewell as Ursh
Geoffrey Rush as Ra
Bryan Brown as Osiris

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Just a quick viewpoint for this one and that is how I felt it looked good but is probably something that I will not be able to see in the actual movie theater. Instead, I’m placing this one on my “watch for it” on either HBO or one of the other premiums that I am paying far too much for and not using enough during the week and hope it comes on sooner than later. This sort of reminds me of an Egyptian themed “Clash Of The Titans” which is as you might recall a film about the Greek Gods and mythology. Marvel film fans might enjoy that this features Chadwick Boseman who will be The Black Panther in the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” film and then his own film. There seem to be a ton of effects in this one and as another friend had noted in discussion a “whole lot of green screen” as opposed to anything real. Oh well, this seems par for the course with this type of stuff since it allows for easier production of a sequel if one is decided upon. Let me know if you are planning on seeing this one but please no spoilers and if you want to learn more about the overall film you can click the Wiki entry below, but don’t do it before you go to the movie house since on opening day it WILL contain plenty of plot spoilers. See you next time.

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