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“Open Your Eyes” (Single) by Kaleido

Artist: Kaleido
Title: “Open Your Eyes” (Single)
Label: Independent
Release Date: 11/30/2012
Genre: Pop Punk
Rating: 4.5/5

Through a slightly silly case of mistaken identity, I recently met lead singer Christina Chriss of the band Kaleido along with the rest of the band and after some quick exchange was determined to use some of these press powers to help them along. Usually, I will review an album or single then watch a video before seeing them live and with this case it would be completely backwards. As noted in the concert review on THIS LINK, catching the group in concert made me an instant fan which leads me to quickly discuss this super-hot single of theirs “Open Your Eyes”. I also have a longer full album review of their self-titled, but the time demands find me working on the discs single first. Here we go.

From the moment this one starts with the guitar riff, it is something that draws you in with the overwhelming positive Rock energy it has to the core. Musically speaking the band falls into the Pop-Punk genre if I had to quickly quantify them and that’s fine by me since I’ve often enjoyed the offerings of Blink 182, Good Charlotte and Sum 41. Remember my “Metal Only” listening fiends, variety is indeed the spice of life. Fronted by the sensational Christina Chriss, she commands the tune with a solid register and I couldn’t easily compare her voice to anyone else off hand, but I do indeed love it. The musicianship is rock solid here with Joey and Cody offering a slamming rhythm while dual guitarists Ronnie and Jaime tie it all together. I was singing along with this one quickly and think that anyone who listens will find it a fast favorite. Welcome to your new discovery my readers, Kaleido will be excited to share their musical message with you.

Track Listing:
1. Open Your Eyes

Official Website:

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