“Open Letters To A Closed Mind” by Absence Of Concern

Artist: Absence Of Concern
Title: “Open Letters To A Closed Mind”
Label: Kik It Records
Release Date: 7/25/2006
Genre: Alt-Melodic Hard Rock
Rating: 3/5

Musically the band has a little more in common with All That Remains than it does with AFI and this difference allows them to hold a much needed fist in the air to a scene currently overwrought with “Emo” bands. On Absence Of Concerns debut effort “Open Letters To A Closed Mind” on Kik It Records there is a melodically sound group who gives the listener something a little heavier than many of the sobbing milquetoast groups that are thrust upon the record buying public. The group mixes some clever riffs amidst both melodic and growling vocals and this should appeal to a younger crowd who is seeking a little harder edged band for their collection. Songs like “American Reject” are solid and have moments where the guitar work and drums make this a good head banger.

There is also single potential in songs like “Every Time I Try” that is sure to be a guaranteed hit for the young group and could find them larger than life as a result if it meets a positive response on the proper avenues where many can see or hear it. Comprised of Michael Martin (vocals), Jon Dray Lee (guitars, piano), Derek Blush (guitars), and Adam Box (drums) the group succeeds in delivering several tasty tracks that keep a mainly heavy vibe across the album which is a pleasant change from those who choose to lament their own sadness in every track. I think this is a great start for this group and also something that those who are bored with the current standings of mainstream groups should look into.

Track Listing:
1. Beast In The Beauty
2. American Reject
3. Every Time I Try
4. Assuming Nothing
5. Goodbye
6. Beneath Me
7. Ocean Of Angels
8. Suicide In Progress
9. Falls Apart
10. All You Ever Wanted

Official Web site: www.myspace.com/absenceofconcern

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