“Once Was Not” by Cryptopsy

Artist: Cryptopsy
Title: “Once Was Not”
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 10/18/2005
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 7.5/10

The Black/Extreme Metal band Cryptopsy means business and with “Once Was Not” prove that by not only pushing the limits of what has been done before but also by bringing back Lord Worm on vocals. Extreme Metal defies an easy description as while the music is brutally fast there is also an accomplished level of technical expertise showcased that merits a lot of respect. Members Alex Auburn (guitar) and Eric Langlois (bass) are exceptional but the presence of drummer Flo Mounier makes sure that a lot of the music is borderline superhuman. Mounier does things on the drums that make one think the recording had been sped up two or three times in order to accomplish them. The lead in acoustic track will throw you off before the assault begins on “In The Kingdom Where Everything Dies, The Sky Is Mortal”. “Carrionshine” is a more straight ahead Metal track in terms of Slayer-esque guitar riffing, but under it all Mounier seems to defy gravity and human capabilities. His playing alone is sure to make aspiring drummers question their level of commitment and practice routines. “Keeping The Cadaver Dogs Busy” also was an interesting number but I still have problems figuring out the vocals when the singer growls everything. Lord Worm’s return still should gather a lot of interest in the band again since he is such a memorable character (he eats worms on stage as I am told…….)

I never listened to the band before this and was able to enjoy them based on what was happening on the album. Clearly Cryptopsy is not going to be everyone’s thing but if over the top Metal display is your scene and you are an open enough fan of Progressive styling then this will impress you. It’s technical, tight and above all aggressively in your face.

Track Listing:
1. Luminum
2. In The Kingdom Where Everything Dies, The Sky Is Mortal
3. Carrionshine
4. Adeste Infidelis
5. The Curse Of The Great
6. The Frantic Pace Of Dying
7. Keeping The Cadaver Dogs Busy
8. Angelskingarden
9. The Pestilence That Walketh In Darkness (Psalm 91 : 5-8)
10. The End
11. Endless Cemetary

Official Web site: www.Cryptopsy.net

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