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On Shelves: Marvel Comics’ “Marvel Comics” #1000 (8/28/2019)

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“Marvel Comics” #1000

I’ve discussed the coming of “Marvel Comics” issue #1000 already a few times here on with the general announcement being showcased HERE and then a number of variant covers being showcased HERE for those who might have missed it. Now, the moment has arrived and “Marvel Comics” #1000 is on the racks of your friendly neighborhood comic book store. My short video below is to spotlight these issues on the racks of my own local store, Galaxy Comics. Take a look.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: There were a lot more variants than I was able to showcase in my little clip and of all of these I will only be purchasing a single copy of the one that makes the artwork of this website post. It’s a pricey issue and I have other titles to purchase as well so I need to be smart. What about you readers? Now that this milestone edition is available will you be rushing to the stores to purchase a copy or are you making a call to your local retailer and asking him to put one aside in your pull list bag. Chime in down below.

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