Oceans Of Slumber Announce Self-Titled Upcoming Album

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The Press Release:
US prog metal outfit OCEANS OF SLUMBER announce the release of their new and self-titled album out on September 4th via Century Media Records worldwide. To celebrate the announcement, the band have released “A Return To The Earth Below”, the first single off the new record. Watch the video for “A Return To The Earth Below” HERE.

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“Within ourselves, just as within our societies, there are cycles that need to be broken. Cycles that hold us down, that tear us apart, that give us anguish. Sometimes without warning these cracks surface and they trigger a cascade of emotional vulnerabilities, emotional turmoil, even hopelessness. But at some point we must stop running. Stop running from the pain, stop running from the truth, stop running from ourselves. In the light of this self reflection is where we will find peace, both inwardly and outwardly. A Return To The Earth Below is about that journey. It is about the collision of the heart and mind in struggling to find that internal resolution. We feel that the timing of this single couldn’t be more appropriate, as we have all found ourselves at the crossroads of change,” states OCEANS OF SLUMBER vocalist Cammie Gilbert.

The self-titled album is available as standard CD jewelcase, gatefold black 2LP+CD, digital album and can be pre-ordered HERE.

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“We’d like to thank Giannis Nakos for the beautiful artwork that captures not only our imagination, but the depths and darkness of the story the album holds within. While there’s plenty more to come, we must be patient for the full album that’s set to release September 4th. For now please enjoy A Return to the Earth Below,” adds Gilbert about the album art.

Oceans Of Slumber track-list:
Soundtrack To My Last Day
Pray For Fire
A Return To The Earth Below
Imperfect Divinity
The Adorned Fathomless Creation
To The Sea
The Colors of Grace
I Mourn These Yellow Leaves
September (Those Who Come Before)
Total Failure Apparatus
The Red Flower
Wolf Moon

Launched via 2013’s Aetherial debut, but truly blossoming upon the arrival of vocalist Cammie Gilbert for 2015’s Blue EP and the following year’s Winter full-length, Oceans Of Slumber re-emerge in 2020 with the weight of expectation bearing down on their shoulders. The result is their self-titled release, an album that masterfully redefines the band’s sound for a new era while bringing their conceptual core into sharper focus. Sonically spectacular and proudly melodramatic and yet vulnerable and intimate, these new songs represent the commencement of the next stage in this remarkable band’s evolution.

OCEANS OF SLUMBER is Cammie Gilbert (vocals), Jessie Santos (guitar, backing vocals), Alexander Lucian (guitar, backing vocals), Semir Ozerkan (bass, guitar), Dobber (drums, piano/synths), and Mat Aleman (keyboard).

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Oceans Of Slumber is a band that I have only managed to see once in concert and while I liked what I witnessed, i never managed to keep up on their doings and I am admitting this to you for a reason. That reason is because its never too late to get into and follow a band into their future no matter what anyone might say. Sure we all have those friends who have been into a certain band or three before their members had even met but you shouldn’t worry about those types. Going forward I’m going to look more into the group and if you enjoyed what you heard on their video link up above then you should do the same thing. So asking you seriously, if you are one of those people who’ve been listening since the bands earliest days I encourage you to share what you like about them the most and what you think about this news. Chime in down below in those comments because we love to hear from you and you make these posts all the more interesting. See you next time around. Please stay safe out there since this virus is not playing around.

Official Websites:
Oceans Of Slumber: https://oceansofslumber.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oceansofslumber
Century Media Records: https://www.facebook.com/centurymedia
The Orchard: https://www.theorchard.com/

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