(Ob)Servant by Psycroptic

Artist: Psycroptic
Title: (Ob)Servant
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 10/14/2008
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

Proving that Metal’s reach is as vast as the imagination is wide we get the fourth molten slab of material from the Tasmanian export Psycroptic. The band is one that immediately assaults the senses of the listener with a mind-numbing display of extreme technical chops. I had to say that I was impressed by their “Ob(servant)” CD quite a bit and I was amused at this for when I first caught them a couple of months ago I was not particularly impressed. Let me explain how this possibly happened – the guys were second up on a bill that I felt buried much of the talent involved and with the sets blasting by so quickly there was hardly any time for the bands to win you over with the display. That being said I was glad for the spine-tingling that this CD offered because it was really something impressive. The band doesn’t seem to follow the standard of many of their Extreme Death Metal counterparts, because they pick up and slow down the tempo a lot more than most others. There is a lot of groove happening between the growling and just when you think the band is going to speed up a little more they instead offer you slight respite by bringing it down about five notches. Across the board the drumming is outstanding and presents some truly speaker destroying double bass drum runs that manage to be the time keeper for the equally blistering guitar riffs.

Lyrically the guys are not all damnation and humankinds evils but more along the lines of science fiction and one can read along with the provided lyrics. It was a welcome change because it shows maturity for the genre to change the subject matter once in awhile. Songs like the title track and “Slaves Of Nil” and “Removing The Common Bond” are among the most impressive numbers on the wholly satisfying CD and it’s clear that those who enjoy the super technical side of Extreme Metal will find that these Tasmanian Devils are right up their alley. The band finds their number made up of Jason Peppiatt (vocals), Joe Haley (guitar), Cameron Grant (bass) and Dave Haley (drums). One can almost feel the lock between the brothers and this obviously comes from years of working together for the sake of their brand of Metal. Peppiatt is a solid growler but he mixes it up quite a bit on the album by hitting highs and going low as well from time to time. This is recommended for fans of any of the Extreme Metal stuff that puts a little more effort into their executions. Its incredibly fast stuff that might appeal to those that flock to Cryptopsy, Behemoth and Arsis because they are also the bands that have a lot more grit to their content. Nice work guys, I am looking forward to seeing them again with more mental ammunition about them.

The release comes with a bonus DVD that I didn’t have for the purposes of examination but suffice it to say this disc features three segments that are delineated as “Making of “Ob(Servant)”, Live Footage from Amsterdam 2007 and Live Footage from New Zealand 2007. Lyrics are included in the booklet but with the pace that Psycroptic keeps during the tunes I wish you luck in keeping up.

Track Listing:
1. Ob(Servant)
2. A Calculated Effort
3. Slaves Of Nil
4. The Shifting Equilibrium
5. Removing The Common Bound
6. Horde In Devolution
7. Blood Stained Lineage
8. Immortal Army Of One
9. Initiate

Official Website: http://www.psycroptic.com

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