“O Tannenbaum” (Single) by Tarja

Artist: Tarja
Title: “O Tannenbaum” (Single)
Label: Earmusic
Release Date: 10/27/2017
Genre: Holiday/Classical
Rating: 3.75/5

As previously discussed, Finnish Soprano Tarja Turunen would be delivering what she had described to be a “Gothic and Haunting” Christmas album with “Spirits and Ghosts (Score For A Dark Christmas)” and our first taste of the release came with “O Come O Come Emmanuel”. I compiled thoughts on the number on THIS LINK and now as her second single we find the German Folk classic “O Tannenbaum”. Most of you might know this number as “O Christmas Tree” when its sung in today’s world by carolers who offer up that sort of thing. Let’s examine this other pre-Halloween Holiday offering…

“O Tannenbaum” is delivered by the singer in its traditional German and for those who didn’t know this little fact, a Tannenbaum is actually a fir tree much like the Christmas trees. I didn’t know this at all despite having sung the song with friends at holiday gatherings. It’s very interesting to hear it in the language it was written in and Tarja seems to be in command of the German if I can be any sort of judge in that. I only speak English of course but it sounded fine to me. At around minute two the heavy brass comes into play and brings a whole Star Wars “Galactic Empire” vibe to the track. Without being glib it really was the first thing I thought of and perhaps its because the next chapter in that film series opens up just before Christmastime. It is dramatic for sure and builds and builds with the addition of drums and loud strings before returning to Tarja and light melody. I felt that this one would be impressive in the live sense. From the sound of it, Tarja seems to be onto something with this and one has to hope that she can put together some sort of stateside Christmas concert. I think this would do well in Carnegie Hall or The Theater at Madison Square Garden.

Track Listing:
1. O Tannenbaum

Official Website: http://www.tarjaturunen.com

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