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Nuclear Blast Records Unveils Nightwish “Decades” Trailer #3

The excitement continues to build for the brand new Nightwish album “Decades” and its subsequent tour and with this being the case, the folks at Nuclear Blast Records are continuing to deliver a series of “Behind The Scenes” clips. So far we’ve seen “Origins” and “The Evolution Of Nightwish” – Now it’s time for the third installment in this series that discusses “Song Choices”. Take a look.

About The Clip: Bandleader Tuomas Holopainen talks about ‘DECADES’ a collection of essential Nightwish tracks.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I liked this clip since it shares the notion that they never opted to re-do the songs that make up the body of work. We find too many bands doing that sort of thing these days and it just goes to show you that Nightwish is a different musical animal altogether. I’m going to keep this brief since there is a lot of stuff coming down the pike to share with you and I think you are going to love it all. Make sure you have ordered your ticket for the show if the band is coming your way. According to what I have read, some venues are giving you a copy of a CD at the end of the show. I know that NYC is doing that but it might be venue specific. Do the homework, you have that Google stuff just like me after all. I cannot wait for this show in my city. It’s going to be a rousing time with great friends, great songs and memories to talk about again and again. See you with another clip soon I am sure and now back to the other tasks at hand.

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