Nuclear Blast Presents: Wednesday 13’s “What The Night Brings” Official Video

It was a little over a month ago that I shared the news about Wednesday 13 signing onto the Nuclear Blast Records roster and if you missed that post just click onto THIS LINK to see the whole scoop.

About The Video: (from the official press) “I’m really excited to unveil the new video for ‘What the Night Brings,’ the first track from our upcoming album, Condolences,” Wednesday 13 said.”It kicks off our new album and really sets the tone for the rest of it. We worked on the video with director Matt Zane (Society One) and he really helped bring a spooky vibe. The song reminds me of a heavy metal version of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ theme!” He continued, “It was also a lot of fun filming the extra scenes, too, where I get to dress up like a demon at a ritual! I never knew that singing with fangs would be so difficult, but I made it work!”

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As I’ve done before, this summary is only about the video itself and I’ll hold thoughts about the single for my quick overview in the coming days. So wow, it seems as though Mr. 13 is going straight for the heart with a razor sharp spike as this one is on the dramatic side visually and thematically. There is a bit of darkness to the overtones of the film but it’s not quite a black and white video. It’s driving but super serious with how Wednesday 13 is performing and with all the demonic masks around him throughout the clip. At one point he even terrorizes a young beauty. Run to safety Miss, run!!!! There is a tad bit of an Alice Cooper like stature in W13 with the cane but the masks made me think of the mighty Behemoth. There is not an ounce of the comedic side we used to always see in W13 material back in the day but perhaps this is the direction he is going in. I’m definitely going to check out his show when he comes through town again. I’ve been a fan for over a decade now. Enjoy but do leave the lights on since you never do know what the night brings.

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