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Now Playing: “Child’s Play” in Theaters Everywhere (6/21/2019)

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It seems as though there are at least a few Horror movies coming out to offer a bit of a buffer zone between the big screen superhero films and now the “Child’s Play” franchise begins anew with a brand new sinister toy. I shared the second trailer back in April so in case you missed it just click HERE to check it out. The remake of the premise opens today in theaters everywhere. Let’s revisit the premise and casting after you see the poster.

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The Premise: The story follows a mother named Karen who gives her son Andy a toy doll, Chucky, though both aren’t aware of its evil nature. (c/o Orion Pictures)

The Cast:
Gabriel Bateman as Andy Barclay
Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky
Aubrey Plaza as Karen Barclay
Brian Tyree Henry as Detective Mike Norris
Tim Matheson as Henry Kaslan
Marlon Kazadi as Omar Norris
Ty Consiglio as Pugg
Beatrice Kitsos as Falyn
Anantjot S. Aneja as Chris
Nicole Anthony as Detective Willis
Carlease Burke as Doreen
Amber Taylor as Shane’s Daughter
Kenneth Tynan as Jonga Burger Dude
Michael Bardach as Homeless Man
JC Meredith as Cab Driver

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As far as the films I follow in the Horror genre, “Child’s Play” and the bevy of films that came from the franchise were not movies that I generally followed. I like the idea of the Chucky character and have gotten a charge out of some of the toys that I’ve seen at the recent Toy Fair but I am taking a pass on this one. Maybe one of these days I will binge the franchise and that’s all I have to say about the matter. I do like the changing of the premise behind the doll and wonder what you readers think about it. Please chime in down below with your own thoughts and remember, no spoilers to the overall plot and its outcome for those readers who might need a little time to get around to seeing it. Until we meet again.

Official Film Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child’s_Play_(2019_film)

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