“Not My Year” by Suicide City

Artist: Suicide City
Title: “Not My Year”
Label: Unsigned
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Post Hardcore/Punk
Rating: Very Good

Suicide City is the energetic new group formed by Billy Graziadei (Biohazard) and Jennifer Arroyo (Kittie). The interesting thing you will find right off the bat is that instead of finding a new version of Biohazard or Kittie you find that the group takes a different approach and takes you into a more power punk/post hardcore type of vibe. Fans of the pair who might have wanted this to be the case risk being disappointed but if you are one of those fans that enjoy the constant change that music offers there is a chance that you will be pleasantly surprised. There is a level of the teenage angst screamo going on which might turn off some folks and I admit that is not my cup of tea either but one has to agree with an artists desire to work into a growing in popularity style. Of the five tracks I enjoyed “Give Me Your Pity” and “Diemonds” the most and found them catchier than the rest over the couple of listens I was able to give the recording. Having caught the band live I can add that they are a very energetic group onstage and do keep the audiences attention through their set.

I would expect this to be the result though given Graziadei and Arroyos level of stage charisma from their many years of touring. The other members of the band are Karl Bernholtz (vocals), Danny Lamagna (drums) and AJ Marchetta (guitar) and together they manage to deliver an EP with powerful, electric songs that are instantly relevant to the type of music being performed today. Bernholtz does a lot of screaming across the recording, but also softens it up a bit at times. The amount of bands using this model makes me want to hear more melody from him, and perhaps if a full-length release comes out we shall see what else he can do. Musically it is rather sound but not overly complex or technical. I feel that fans of bands like Finch and Zao would go for these guys as well and while still unsigned, Suicide City offers you a professional recording that works best with the dial on “loud”. If this is your preferred style or you are just curious make sure to check them out.

Track Listing:
1. F**k Your Dreams
2. Give Me Your Pity
3. Undone
4. Marching Backwords
5. Diemonds

Official Web site: www.SuicideCity.com

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